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United States

A glass ballerina

Sits on the ground.  Her

Arms form a loop

Above her head.  Her face

Is raised towards the sky,

Watching the world above.

Light sparkles off her

Transparent body and creates

Warped, distorted shapes

Through her torso.  Legs

Stretch out from her

Flared tutu in an arabesque,

Balanced on a pointed foot.

She exists as a being

Frozen in time, remaining

Forever unchanged in a

Separated world.

Then a simple change

Plunges her isolated world

Into harsh reality.

A weight is balanced

On the ballerina's elevated

Hands.  It pushes down on her,

Forcing her to give

Up, but she refuses to

Move.  She stays frozen and

The weight settles.

Another weight falls and

Lands on the first.

Her fingers smash into

One another to form a

Broken mass between her

Hand and the weight.  A

Third weight falls.  A crack

Forms at her elbow, and

Everything changes in a

Matter of seconds.

Her elbow cracks and the

Pieces shift and push into

Each other and their edges 

Smash and her arm

Breaks and the weights push

Harder and her hands are

Crushing into her arms

Crushing into her torso

Crushing into her legs

Crushing into her feet.

The weights fall onto her

Upturned face and block

Out the light.  She is

Destroyed and exists no

Longer.  All that remains

In the room is a short

Stacks of weight atop

Dust and broken glass.


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