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Awaken child! Rise child! The sun is shining oh, there's no rain only sunshine! Why are you crying? The future... it's so bright!   Remove yourself from this slumber,
Hoy nos conocimos’ lo raro de esto esquelas cosas cedieron de una manera. Escandalosa , y eso no es para acabar sino que para comenzar.
Once upon a time in a muggy little pond Lived a family of feathers in a crappy little nest The nest was fine to hold the six, while still and round and small. But not too long those eggs will hatch,
Once upon a time, in a land far away, There stood a stone tower, as tall as it was gray, And in this tower trapped, no one beauty but two, Sister-twins they were, named Rapunzel and Rue,
Falling slowly down the wall... They look on, one and all, As the one who pushed Humpty down Looks on with a curved, gleaming crown. "This kingdom, my kingdom, is not for you.
Once upon a time, as the old tale goes Rapunzel was trapped by a sorceress. She was kept in a tower with no stairs or door, Only a small little window, up up above.
You've heard the magical tales  Of faraway lands With flying children, lovesick mermaids Genies in the Arabian sands  
Once upon a time,  a girl lived all alone. Wanting to explore the world but did not know where to go. She tried the rainforest, and the sea, but that was not where she wanted to be.  
Once Upon A Time A prince too desperate in need Used a little green pea   To define who he thought I should be   Soaking wet on a stormy night
Once upon a time, fairy tales were real.    From the way they were told, to the way that they feel.    They made walking on air and everyday task.
Once upon a time I was listening to sublime,  right on the beach so peaceful and calm,  the waves clashing into the soft sand, while listening to my favorite band, 
Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her Her golden hair grew long and luscious Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail
If I tell you the truth, Dorothy never found the yellow brick road. Instead she found something blue and lost and long, an ocean that stretches out endlessly.
There was once a siren  Who had lost its tail and voice  She fell in love  But in the end,  Such love is forbidden    A little siren,  Lost in the sea  Wander aimlessly in the water 
Perhaps If I’d never came to town In my wagon Of valves and faucets Of steaming stacks And whistling pipes
Once upon a time there lived a cat. Though he was no ordinary tom cat, for he was Puss in Boots.   With cunning ticks and an all to uncanny wit,
Though homey and quiant, the house in the tree Peter burst out laughing, maniacally  The lost boys asked him of problems that be His only response was "Sit around the fire, and see."  
Jack awoke another morning, hungry, cold, and sad, fore he knew that today was the final day of his dear friend T.J.'s life, a cow of course.
Many stories start with once upon a time but who is to say they only happen once?   Throughout a thousand different lives, a cunning young man,
I suppose the Disney writers re-invented me as a mermaid in order to be more appealing to children The harsh reality of how such a wonderful world could be sad, isn't exactly a children’s story
Once upon a time, A princess sat inside a tomb -a crystal coffin set by dwarves beneath the light of crescent moon-   They watched her blink her glassy eyes
To Find the Perfect Girl  is to find her class slipper is to lurk nations for her is to hold her hand as you dance the night away is to find a servant girl with cruel family
Belle is beauty, a beautiful hunter. Sharp or knife and straight of arrow, asks her father for an innocent rose.   A stormy night leads off the beaten path, to a castle, abandoned by time.
The air smells of springtime, Of newness and of life. The sky looks like the sea, Scattered with sparkling lights.   The way he looks tonight
As I prepare for my wedding I feel uneasy, for my husband to be is not who saved me. He is not my true love, whom right now is angry.  He left me with him, destroying my sanity.
Once upon a time, Cinderella found a man Who cared for her and married her. Cinderella, for various reasons Including a traumatizing childhood, Ran away once more.  
Mary had an evil plan, evil plan,evil plan, Mary had an evil planBut she didn’t let it show.And everywhere that Mary wentMary went, Mary went, everywherethat Mary wentShe infected computer main-frames with an ingeniously engineered virus. Her teac
I saw her everyday. But I was scared you see. She was beautiful. How could a sweet, young girl like someone like me?   So I planned my move. Leapt out from the woods. I'd startled her,
My grandmother had always warned me, "never to talk to strangers." "The night is full of dangers... That is unless you belong to the dark itself. " Here I am by my loneself.
Once upon a time amidst the skies within a metal tower out of many a glass imprisonment incases a beauty not a breath not a flicker
Ariel, Ariel a girl of sixteen. Wanting to be more than a fish in the sea. Unfortunately, she can't take away those genes. All she wants to do is flee.   She spends her days watching people.
Gold and purple and black, Three different shades of dominance. Gold and purple and black, Three congruent roots of desire's trance.
"Once upon a time" A phrase we created, But what does it mean? What "time" was then stated? How far was it then, how close is it now? One must wonder and question or at least raise a brow.
I am not the fairest of them all, I have not been gifted a sirens voice nor a face or figure disney would die for. I am the perfect imperfection.  you'd eat my poisend apple any day in the hope to meet my wicked grace
Cindy rella knew this fella , Dipped in gold for beauty sold, Cooked and cleaned yet she dreamed, Of a kiss that she couldn't Miss.
There was once a boy, real small and coy.He didn't know that soon the land would end.Staring down he found a rock, too much to understand.String kept falling from the sky, there was no reason to ask why.
I will not start with once upon a time.     This is not past tense.     This is now.     Every day. Every second. Every minute.       Looking in the looking glass,
A Rose never picked, a story never told.  A beauty left alone to choose her own way. A tale as old as time, never exists at all.  What happens when it all gets taken away?  
My dearest Cinderella Why have you done this to me  I saw you and the prince dance the tarantella  But now all I can do is weep for I cannot see    It was all Anastasia 
Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella,  She thought that she met a really nice fella He held the door  and left her wanting more.  Her step-sisters warned her 
Once upon a time: This story formula takes no time, The characters are structured in a line, By the end everything will be fine .   Do not be fooled to worry; The princess will be rescued,
Once opon a time there was a girl named belleshe was ugly, and short and her hair kind of smelledthe boys made fun and laughed as she walked her eyes kind of twitched when she giggled and talkedHer dress was long, and yellow and white Her hair was
Once opon a time there was a girl named belleshe was ugly, and short and her hair kind of smelledthe boys made fun and laughed as she walked her eyes kind of twitched when she giggled and talkedHer dress was long, and yellow and white Her hair was
There once was a princess With a heart built to grow It's not really my business, But I felt you should know She's said to be sleeping We all know the fable But instead of her dreaming,
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
Once upon a time The little mermaid dreamed. She dreamed of the sky And the things unseen. She wanted to walk, and to run, and to jump, But most of all, she wanted a pup.  
In a world of darkness lived a girl lonely and depressed. Suicidal? Yes.  She nevver wanted to be. Everyone she knew blamed her. For Everything. Their problems. Them losing things. Being Late. It had nothing to do with her.
Once upon a time, Princess Dove lived a life of royalty. Once upon a time, Queen Cinderella and King Charming protected their little princess. Once upon a time, Captain Hook left the Jolly Roger. Once upon a time, An unexpected love began. This is
Once upon a Season Fall, perhaps it was? Year of fifteen Although the sun shone, the leaves fell And so did I. What I thought was a bliss was when things became amiss
  The Story of My Life Once upon a time, I thought I knew love. Love was when you find your prince and live happily ever after- like a fairytale.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess that was not quite like the rest, While she had the long flowing blonde hair and spring green eyes, she was Deaf,
No chance, no way I won't say I'm in love   But not because I don't want to Rather How would I know?   A damsel in distress? Can't relate Fending for myself
How is a raven like a writing desk? I shall never know. Yet it dances around my head, Making a home in deep recesses of my mind.   That is until I met her, My dear Alice.
Once upon a time There was a beautiful peasant With a golden mane like that of the lion and caramel skin kissed by the blazing sun
 Once upon a time… There were two sisters. They always stuck together and always looked out for eachother. There names were Drizella and Anastasia.
The rain flew straight past us As he grabbed onto my hair Slowly Slowly inching his way up the tower The witch taught me things
Once upon a time, there lived a girl named, Alice.Her family was rich, and they lived in a palace. Everything they wanted was always there,But this girl, named Alice, did not care. She was not happy.
In a time now a memory a fair kingdom stood That was ruled by a monarch who sought for the good Throughout his dominion, both human and beast And one night, in ecstasy, brought them to feast.
Once upon a time, I loved you Though I couldn't get you out of my head I still hated you Once upon a time, we were infinite Then we turned out to be limited And I wondered why we still did it
Once upon a time, there lived a girl with so much beauty. Men thought that she was a dime, but the villager girls thought that she was snooty.   One day, her father travelled far away.
Once upon a time..    A woman name Cinderella wished upon star.  
"She left," my mouth had quivered I hate the words that escaped my lips My tears fall through all my wrinkles And they reached my fingertips I never thought this day would happen
Once upon a time, There was a group of men Humpty Dumpty, the clan Who had solid, rebellious intentions.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady living beneath her means This beautiful lady named "Cinderella" then said something that made him think "Although my name is Cinderella perhaps I am the Underground Queen"
Once upon a time, John Smith talked about "savages", and Pocahontas said, "bitch what?" Once upon a time, Sleeping Beauty woke from her sleep, looking at Prince Charming and said,
He was not the beast but rather she  He had all the beauty while she had fur and claws  He had to learn to love her, even with those unappealing paws If he did not choose to love her, she would be the beast forever .
Sometimes I wish, Out loud or in my head That this was just, A horrid nightmare. A nightmare that is way too long, And way too heart breaking. Sadly this isn’t a dream or nightmare,
Once upon a time, in the hills of the country far away, there lived three little pigs. These pigs spent most of their days taking care of their home made out of straw, and the land around them.
Once Upon A Time It was just me and my six brothers. We had jobs before any of us learned how to read or write. We were slaves in the mine finding rubies, emeralds, diamonds. You name it, we dug it up.
I found myself a new man. Man. God, I hope so.   I say - Oh, you're playing hard to catch? I say - I know who you are. I say - You're mine. Stop. Squirming.
Once upon a time in a concrete jungle close by lived a young girl who was all alone. She eventually met someone who was clos enough to her dream boy and theywere married, and they lived happily ever after.
The classic fairy tale of Princess Aurora is known by all How she pricked her finger and had a tragic fall Into a slumber so deep and so long That only true love's kiss could correct the wrong  
once upon a time, there was a girl named red.  her skinny jeans tight, and drake running through her head. as she lounged on the couch, she scrolled and she scrolled.
Once Upon a Time, my brother was my best friend. Then, one day the friendship came to an end. Only one of us could be ruler of the kingdom. I though I saw my chance to freedom- "Ursula Queen of the Sea".
Once Upon a time, “You really are a funny girl” Is a statement that has followed me my whole life. When I was young my father asked me why I didn’t like to play with the other kids,
I run under canopies! Somebody help me please! For the beast is upon me! Footsteps cacaphonus, A growl downright monterous!
Once upon a time Belle was on her phone. The beast happened to be feeling alone. So, he went  onto Tinder and guess who he saw. It was Belle of the prettiest of them all.
Who said that every princess needs a prince? Who said they need to share a true love’s kiss? Whether it be Disney’s or the Grimm’s, These are all stories people tend to miss.  
Come little Red whispered a soothing voice Come here to me, I will show you the path Come little Red it's time to make the choice Come here to me and not face grandma's wrath  
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
Once upon a final day, The ginger bread man tries to run away. The big bad wolf is on the prowl, The mirror on the wall smirks and scowls.   On that day, I sit at my desk,
Fairy Tales are great They make me want to eat grapes. Fairy tales are fun Now I'm done.  
Once upon a time, a baby girl was born. Her curls were free and her eyes could smile. A voice, so sweet, her being did adorn, but without her legs, her life was full of trials.
The cursed Beast The Belle of the ball The walking, talking furniture In the end they got it all I, a man who just loved her
Cloudy thoughtsWhat were they?Locked in a towerBut why? Busy handsWhat are they doing?Knotting ropeBut what for?
I wish upon a little star, of a dream that's so far. I remember me and my dad riding in a car. Asking me what I wanna be, I just wanna be me, Be best you that you can be, Dont flee from what you fear, 
mirror, mirror on the wall, do you even see at all?  
Once upon a time, in a city far away, a hermit-like man dressed in suit in tie, worked like a computor, contracted to all day. His hair was sparse, with features less than appealing, and his must had flies swarming.
I've changed, I'm done I cut my hair and died it  I've changed my style  but they denied it  she's gone, it's over as I once thought but now I'm stronger  so I'm taking this spot 
Congratulations You’ve made it this far so far And I know you’ve made a lot Of mistakes But I still find reasons To love you because I know you try You have always been there For me
Once upon a time, there lived a child with big hope and little dreams. The child wanted to see the world and find that dream.   Once upon a time, there was a teen with big dreams and little hope.
She had golden hair and bright blue eyes, she spent days cleaning with her helper mice Cinderella, cinderella, with a beauty so fair dreamt of the day a prince would save her
       The tale of true love      Has never been easy —         Confronted          At every corner            With the hatred         That fills our souls.                 Defiant,
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