Life of a Deaf Princess.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess that was not quite like the rest,

While she had the long flowing blonde hair and spring green eyes, she was Deaf,

there were disadvantages and advatnages to being deaf. One positive she never had to hear the mice crawling around her constantly squeaking,

and both her parents learned sign language for her. But as most stoires go her mother died in a tragic accident leaving her daughter and husband alone.

Heartbroken the father went on the search for a new wife, he found one but she was far different than his other wife. She believed all deaf people should only be oral and banned sign language in the castle, Slapping anyones hands who dared used sign langage in front of her. Well since the step-mother had such strong beliefs in Oral she forced the princess to wear 

clunky hearing aids. 

The princess despised her step mother and ripped off her hearing aids as soon as her step- mother would leave the room. One advantage was also not having to listen to her step-mother gripe about everything and the constant teasing towards her calling her "deaf and dumb" and "deafy". 

The princess one day was in the garden and saw a little white bunny appear, she soon followed it, the bunny leading her to a lush field with flowers of esquiste colors, her eyes widen when she saw him. While he was not the conventional prince we all know the type clean cut and cropped hair with a trim body, he was much more than that he had wavy brown hair to his shoulders, a beard as lush and thick as the grass by her feet, eyes an amber color with flecks of green in them, his stature of at least 6 ft with a sort of brute strength. 

She was so caught up in him she did not even realize he was approaching her. Her cheeks felt flushed not knowing what to do or say, her hands trembling. She started to sign "Hello my name", but he just gave her a puzzled look he mouthed 'hello who are you?' but his beard was so thick she could barely see his lips move let alone she could not read lips. The princess panicked and ran off back to her castle, the Prince tried to call after her and reach her but she could not hear his pleas.

Months went by and he was all she could think about getting lost in a daydream about the husky prince.

The princes name was Seth and he had never met anyone quite like the princess, he wanted to figure a  to communicate with the princess but all anyone in his kingdom could tell him was "oh all deaf people can read lips", " she is deaf so she probably does not even understand anything" or "deaf people just need to try harder to fit in with the rest of the hearing world". He knew this could not be his only hope. He searched far and near for someone who could give him a real answer.

"Seth looked high and low until one day he met an old woman, an old woman who showed him the way of learning sign lanauge. He practiced day in and day out and all he could manage to learn was "I am Prince Seth and I am here to marry you and do you like cheese". While this was not a lot it was a start.

He went out on a mission to track the princess down, two weeks passed by and he stumbled upon her castle, he knew it was her because her blonde hair glimmering in the sunlight.

She was so far up,how would he get her attention. He tried hollering for her then realzing one he did not even know her name and two she could not hear him anyways. The tower did not look that high so he started to climb.

The princess was sitting in her room sketching out the mystery man she met all those months ago, She felt something, like a sharp ping in the wall, she scurries to her window to seeing him crawling up her walls, Not knowing what to do she just stares at him as he struggles to climb the castle.

Seth looks up and sees his princess not helping him and he gets lost in her eyes. he makes it to the window and climbs in

The princess is startled and jumps back but not far enough she could not smell his sweet aroma mixed with a little bit of sweat.

Nervously Seth signs "Hello my name is cheese and do you like marry Prince Seth" 

The princess giggles and tears well up as she sees the sloppy signs he produces she replies back " Well Cheese my name is Aurora and I would like to marry prince Seth"

He goes into to kiss his now Bride and signs "I will always love you"

The End


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