Mary Had an Evil Plan

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 11:16 -- Aditya

Mary had an evil plan, evil plan,evil plan, Mary had an evil planBut she didn’t let it show.And everywhere that Mary wentMary went, Mary went, everywherethat Mary wentShe infected computer main-frames with an ingeniously engineered virus. Her teacher saw her do this at school one day,school one day, school one day,Her teacher saw her do this at school one day,She said it was against the rules,Mary activated her cybernet,cybernet, cybernet,Mary activated her cybernet,Making the computers her tools. And so the teacher turned to run,turned to run, turned to run,And so the teacher turned to run,Since Mary was brandishing a taser and was laughing maniacally,Marey chased her about,her about, her about,Marey chased her about,Till Mary tackled teacher. "What is your evil plan Mary?"evil plan Mary?" evil plan Mary?""What is your evil plan Mary?"“Why did you create a cybernet?”"Because I am an anarchist,"an anarchist," an anarchist,""Because I am an anarchist,"“And I’m taking down the Internet!”



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