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                                                 Don’t smile with me if you don’t want to Because I am not a mirror Don’t be like a bluffer who gives me a black smile
You unfasten the buttons on your shirt loosen the collar alter the sides tie the ends into a knot cuff your sleeves
I’ts not that I’m insouciant, I just can’t find the shape of tongue To inform you of your ignorance; To tell you the ways of the world, In a moment or less.
For You If I tore apart my body  For you And you examined my organs Tested my blood  Ripped my skin Piece by piece
Hands ache as the cold metal cuts in deep Pressed unyielding to ensure obedience No resistance to an entrenched position of power   I can't breathe   Back is bruised and full of tension
I still remember, the freedom and the trees I was surrounded by Suddenly replaced by the dark stink of a crowded cargo hold A collective nightmare sailing during an endless night
I’m Christian Cooper & I was bird watching in the park when you went by
What Inspires Me?   They never even heard us Until they wanna blame us We taken the shots Hits to strong to even block
i walk into the store to buy some snacks, a simple thing  down the aisle my careless eye a mark of my youth, my faltering attention  but everything becomes still
I know what I amI know I'm brown,I know I'm brave,I know that I have acne on face  I know what I am I know I'm a women ,I know I'm thick ,And I know my positivity might make you sick I know what I amI know wasnt always t
I learned a long time ago  That the night only brings fear  As i walk through the city of New York  It seems to be that i am the only shadow that is creeping 
Of human ignorance I am almost in despairFor racism is around me everywhereBut like they say sheer ignorance is blissJust like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
Privilege? I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten what that word really means. You see it’s been forced in my ears and down my throat so many times I’ve become numb to its bitterness.
It put me in my feels You broke open my seals   I wanted to speak my mind But knew I had to somehow be kind
I will never feel guilty for shit that I didn't do....I understand there's also reasons why you should look at your race as racists too.....I'm white but I never placed anyones neck to a noose also i never burnt a cross or hid my face under a poi
Racist Lies Not In My Eyes WrittenBy: Billy Malloy
if only i had a pencil, i could write my way out of the ghetto. if only i had a pencil, i could explain the voices in my head that scream in falsetto.   if only i had a pencil,
Love   Humans and Change Like oil and water To things that refuse to merge It’s a cycle. And it happens over and over.
We are the peopleWe are the nationWho has a beast inside Don't disturb usWe open our tongueless mouthsWe roar with a thousand voicesThe thunder of a thousand gunsThunder of a thousand hearts
America What we call the greatest country THAT’S A LIE  
You can't escape labels From every mouth and every mind I'm seen as the weak link and the last pick If anyone ever looked past color, size, or how kind Being constantly burned will shorten your mental wick
Fairness, somethin’ extendin’ only in our hands. Our weak, ivory hands. We wrap the privilege ‘round our fingers,
5 silhouettes stroll through a white town alone the sight of them causes residennts' mouthes to foam 4 jagged stones are thrown aimed to shatter the dark kings' destined thrones 3 skins ripped to the bone
I’ve lived in the same city my whole life but I still get treated like a foreigner.
It's a set-up Meant to rip apart apartheid A trap in which they themselves get caught Made as an escape from lashes of the sword On human backs like whips to a palfrey
Smile at the Russian man who talks kindly of his home landLaugh with the German girl who walks with an American Shake hands with the French man who will learn English in time
The world today is at war. People screaming for more- More peace, more love, more reaching for the stars above. No more war, no more lies, no more spit in our people's eyes.  
Listen Can you hear them? It’s the natives crying as they're eradicated and displaced. It's cracks from the gun that everyone owns
  It's funny, I grew up seeing the world as something beautiful Painted with a crystal blue sky And a warm, bright, yellow sun But as I grew older
My ancestry's energy gives me no sympathy for your white supremacy. So please exempt me from having empathy when at war with your privilege tyranny.
A beautiful swan by day The lady Odette by night
If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. It's all the white supremacist the president fails to mention. It's all these racist institutions that only aim for the retention, of all people of color still fighting against oppression.
I'm just writing to contemplate everything that's going on. I mean just everything that's going wrong. I'm tired of the news telling me what's right and wrong.
When I was young all I wanted to be was a baller. In the streets I learned how to be a shotcaller. Working on my handles with the steel to be a hitman. Working on my handles, coach put me as a big man.
They put us in oppression. They drown us in depression. It's nothing but discrimination. They try to kill our brown brothers in immigration. They try to burn us down because they have the heart of Satan.
We gotta make this world a better place, been looking for a better space. They looking for a place in space. We looking high even though they hit us low. Change trying to come but it's slow. In this world it's filthy.
Over 300 years of incarceration. Today we still got our people living in incarceration. We were the ones who built this nation. Because of our skin color hard to find an occupation.
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful black queen, Genesis, they called her.  She'd been through more trials and tribulations than you've ever seen. Her innocence, stolen. A white man, with no decency.
Let me tell you the folklore of the hardcore Who crystallised 7th neuron into majestic bilinear Stood transfixed at the centre of death's voyeur Admitted to institution of fool's theatre  
America was made To be great. From the small towns to businesses, It was all so great. Until one day settlers came along. From Columbus to Addams, They started out strong.
Is this the land of the free?This is not true for all,Fortunately it has for me. Other people will agreeThat prejudice can make you bawl.Is this the land of the free? Banding together is the keyFamily does nat let you fall,Fortunately it has for m
America the DEAD   No feet stood before its coffin No mourning was given Nor a shed of a tear   Whose man has spoke of this soil being   G R E A T?
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light People born to privilege deciding what is right. By the cop lights’ red glare, guns bursting through the air Gave proof through the night, that inequality is still there.
By the dawn's early light may we only see skin color Lady liberty may racism befall her perilous fight for equality  death for the innocent  land of the free  
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a threat or do you see me? From my beautiful black nappy hair all the way down to my black feet. When I look in the mirror, I see me. I love me.
See my reflection on your white skin You shout "Reciprocated racism!"   No. Stop. Listen.   These are the effects of our cause The results of oppression
The "land of the free" made a slave out of me My people chained body and mind While they "progress" we get left behind We try to find our nitch, but are too dark for them to make room
I grew up being told you can achieve anything you want I grew up being told to love not hate I grew up being told that America is the land of the free
We were all created equal in the eyes of our founding fathers. But through generations, racism has been birthed by us the mother. Mothers of what brings inequality and a long life of despair to those born in innocence.
Where I am not free Where I will stay brave. Where my friends have ancestors That used to be slaves.   Where my vagina is open
Each day you wake up  and each day the pledge is heard some stand up and put their hand on their hearts but others stay seated For is it really true? One nation under god with liberty and ¨Justice¨ for all
Judge not his braids Judge not his dark skin Judge not his dress, his distress, his whims   You have not lied within his confines The very thing he can't hide behind
This country is a mess. Promises of freedom for the few by oppression of the many taking hold of us, with anger and a sense of injustice
My mother has green eyes They still call me a negro She has straight hair too But they still call me a clicker   My father has skin that’s black like cocoa
What were you doing the night of August 28, 1955? How were you feeling on May 15, 1970? Where were you on March 3, 1991? What about on April 29, 1992? October 9, 2005?  
Where I'm from you can walk outside and see the stars at night, Run into trees when you open the door Hear the birds chirping from inside, Where I'm from people you don't even know smile and wave,
Dear Man,  
I believed we were righteous It was why I had to run We would all come together Each and every one   We made progress, love, and peace They said I was the man What we had was beautiful
My heart goes out to those Who have loved and who have lost To the ones who did nothing And yet still paid the cost The cost for what, their
Drinking Narrows Reason I roamedThe minds of the few In narrow landWhere dogma burnedA bonfire of credoLit by torches of ignorance I felt mans pangs of consternationAnd pules of defeatSharp in my tummyMy affinity achedThe few were so thirsty  In n
I do not live to appease anyone. Why do you categorize me? Why is my appearance labeled, Am im not good enough for “Your” society? Why does the color of my skin designate what school district im welcomed in?
Part of me still floats in the Atlantic Part of you still hopes I drown
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