My People My Children

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 15:14 -- DMP800

They put us in oppression.
They drown us in depression.
It's nothing but discrimination.
They try to kill our brown brothers in immigration.
They try to burn us down because they have the heart of Satan.
Our ancestors said a change gonna come well I'm tired of waiting.
It's time to take action and fight for our rights. I'm tired of hearing of a minority murdered every day and night.
You know it's sad when you ask a little boy what he wants to be when he grows up and he says alive.
Now you see why I say it's time to fight. Everywhere I turn someone losing their life.
If you tired of my pro black raps.
I'm tired of your mumble whack raps.
I'm sorry I'm actually trying to make a change. Your style sorry you need to change.
We once were negroes.
You call me nigga I call you nigga,
but what about our people.
See our people are fighting for justice.
So for our people I must spit.
If you can't accept it then quit.
Because if no one wanna speak out well I will. This thing called racism I wish to kill.
This thing called sexism I wish to kill.
Any discrimination I wish to kill.
This for my pops who was working in the mill. Working hard to pay the bills.
Controlled by the white man.
That's some shit I didn't like man.
Saw him only at night man.
Also coaching kids in little league.
Two jobs because he had a son to feed.
That's my home life,
my street life is where the real action was at. With my cousin a homeboy got shot down now we asking where were the cops at.
They don't give a fuck about us.
The system try to take our culture and try to out us.
We were in school learning but they doubted us.
Dream came true now got everyone shouting us.
But that's only one of my dreams still got change to make.
Still got some justice to take.
Time to break down the system.
It's time for the people to listen.
I hope for a better future for all the children.
I hope that we can change ourselves.
So the children can have hope for themselves. I'm probably going to die young.
Let alone it be by the drugs or a gun.
I just hope the children live longer than I and have fun.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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