Racist Lies

I will never feel guilty for shit that I didn't do....I understand there's also reasons why you should look at your race as racists too.....I'm white but I never placed anyones neck to a noose also i never burnt a cross or hid my face under a pointed hood this all is true....You cant label me racist 'cause I'm related to people who did some terrible shit way back before I was alive....
My parents raised me to treat everyone as equal never to connive...
I refuse to feel ashamed of my pale pigment, my hair or eyes , I am who god made me.....but I still say Fuck a Nazi, fuck a white supremist, Fuck anyone who labels me as that because of my family genetics, The hatred for Caucasians is so fuckin' pathetic, Go be proud you're black, proud to be Hispanic but if I'm proud to be White I'm racists , NO YOUR RACISTS FOR SAYING THAT but don't hate me for having the same pride as you, I'm not the white devil, neo-Nazi, cop tryna pull the trigger, You can call me what you want but I still would never say N????? ....The white race as a whole ain't the enemy
There's racist white people but ain't there racist people period... No ones racist from the start... that shit is taught .....
Hey White boy,
Hey black boy don't say that
White boy, oh you think you bad
White boy you wish you were black
White boy, dear white boy
White boy, all this white noise , when I'm just me the Irish America from North Philly section of Kensington ... Don't be
Sayin' shit to me that I can't say with my white voice cause these White boys, don't tell white lies , and don't tell me what I see tell me you see it too my white eyes are brown....

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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