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im just trying to breathe in a world that is sucking the air out of me
I thought being with you would put an end to me taking care of everyone else that being with you would be easier   I thought I would be able to breathe but maybe it isn't something I was forced into  
I am a man. I’m sure my reputation proceeds me I know just how you’ll perceive me But I’m begging please believe me Please open your eyes and see me   I am a human
I breathe you I wear you as perfume You fill my olfactory with calm I am flooded with warmth I am 200 billion stars I am magma You make me 200 billion supernovas I am an eruption of feeling
I'm sorry it's the simple curse of existence  "It's not polite for little girls to sit like that, you're a respectable lady now aren't you?  It's a woman's job, you'll have to get used to it."   
I am only overwhelmed with pure joy; It is when I take in that sweet fresh air. The smell of rain lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction to the lack of care.
Can i breathe? , yes  Yes i can  Can i see?, yes Yes i can  Can i live, no  No i can't My life is a gift , that i have yet to open But i'm scared my gift , isn't what i wanted
My mentor is the weighty, wheezing breath at the top of a steep hill  on days when I already know I’m late for first period. It's the carbon dioxide my lungs won’t let out in a sharpie-smeared bathroom stall
Eyes open I can feel but not see, What is this pain overwhelming me? Am I alive, Can I breathe?   You see not long ago it was you and me, You and I, He and she there- I was alive, I could breathe.
to you, a year from now-   when climbing up the lighthouse stairs you must always consider the pawn. all the puppets placed for a someday, whale
Waking, Brushing, Combing, Walking, Rushing, Running, Breathing, Working, Sweating, Eating, Swimming, Breathing, Writing, Reading, Laughing,
Exhalation is the flow, Of my body, my mind, and my soul,  Of the respiratory current out, Into the air about.  The deep breathes I take, Will help calm the mistakes, That I've only made in my mind.
It was long after my bedtime when she received the callThough I had a phone in my room,I didn't pick it up.I knew.I felt it.
Where my emotionIs gathered inConstant tensionMy nose, my throatHot clouds ofBreath that disallow The peaceful rainTo swallow downMy doubt, my insecuritiesMy stress, my fear
Without it you wouldn’t be carbon-based.Without it you don’t have the energy to make enough ATP to move.Without it you sit in your room half-dead,that’s why certain words leave the air knocked out of you.  
Depression is staring up at the ceiling
I am a human,
Pounding the pavement-                                      Just breathe. Rounding the corner, and drowning in water-           Just breathe. Sprinting the last steps while blurring my
My mother's crying My father's gone My brother's screaming I am singing,  I think I'll take a walk   My friends aren't listening My teachers don't care The walls are closing in
at the bottom of the whole mind, I walk there sometimes, with a sense of at ease instilled in my spirit. With old brown boots and a ragged plaid shirt, I am here uncovered and old.
Inside, around, behind what's in my mind? Flashbacks tons of flashbacks. I wiggle, I scream hes too mean. I can't get away but you think I did it to  myself.  
I am carbon  a diamond in the rough still dull with jagged edges I've been through heat and under lots of pressure but I still don't shine people look and stare in my direction
Oh the suspense of waiting
A rush enters like a veiling curtain Of cascading water; A vaporous fall, endlessly joining Aqueous substances below. Descending from a starlit heaven, How could my heart retain
she breaths quiety sleeping soundly upon swead cushions comfortable and peaceful
Crystal rose, You reflect light so beautifully, But how does it feel to have petals of stone and not of felt? To hold no fragrance, To not sway melodically in the winds’ breeze, To only be a sturdy copy?
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
  I’m not quite sure if I still have lungs  I feel like I’m respirating I still smell I still feel my chest expand and deflate I’m still alive But I don’t feel like I’m breathing
as i swam across the atlantic a fish stopped me
A carbon atom is small, But it can make you trip and fall. It has many things to do in life, So it will do it while he flies. Carbon forms a bond with oxygen, And they become the eternal bossing gem. They travel through the world,
While living in a refugee community for fourteen years, I saw many issues that needed to be fixed to make a better world. Many students weren't even allowed to be at school, and many those allowed, didn’t want to go to school.
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
I write because I’m a bird underwater my feathers yearning for the day they become gills my wings learning to swim since the day that I learned the human race kills and then rebuilds their cities with the bodies
I can hear the pen, Scratching, scratching, scratching. I can see the ink, Writing, writing, writing.
Trees have always reminded me of lungs. They even kind of look like them. They branch out in the same type of widespread, fleshy mass with exposed meat, and their introverted veins; veins as in branches, veins that act as passages.
  every exasperated sigh is a painful reminder of how unhappy you are here. I cringe when I hear you You are like a machine on its last run, ready to give in at any given moment
The frown in the sky And a chasm upon the earth Is undone by the tender embrace of the sun The overwhelming, intoxicating rush of the water
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