The Mighty Carbon Atom

A carbon atom is small,

But it can make you trip and fall.

It has many things to do in life,

So it will do it while he flies.

Carbon forms a bond with oxygen,

And they become the eternal bossing gem.

They travel through the world,

Either by atmosphere or mortals.

One day it was walking down the street,

And the plant took him in for free.

It made friends with H2O + Energy,

It happens because it is the philosophy.

It helped make sugars,

But it got tired and let out a big Booger!

A big vegetarian came,

And ate the plant as if it were a game.

Then when the Vegetarian died,

With the help of decomposers he was able to once again fly.

Back he went in the atmosphere,

And found a way to get rid of all his fears.

Now he became immortal,

And felt like traveling through the portals.


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