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Thu, 11/21/2013 - 16:35 -- krishna


While living in a refugee community for fourteen years, I saw many issues that needed to be fixed to make a better world. Many students weren't even allowed to be at school, and many those allowed, didn’t want to go to school. I am from a family whose Bhutanese citizenship had been taken away for being part of a Nepali ethnicity. I am part of uneducated family as "they were forced to get out of the country Bhutan for believing in Hinduism. If they decide to stay then they would come at night and torture them by raping their sister, peeing on their Face and cut their skin to put jalapeno seeds, salt on openly peeled skin." They left Bhutan knowing nothing about what and where they were going or doing until they arrived in Nepal and lived in refugee camp with 100,000 others, facing many difficulties Such as, being bullied from the citizens of Nepal. Several thousands of Southern Bhutanese were imprisoned, and more than 2000 were tortured wheal living in Nepal by Nepali citizens. We were depending on help of UNHCR and the RED CROSS. I remember, when I worked as a slave to provide food for my family because food provided by Red Cross was not enough and for the school I desperately wanted to go to. The citizens of Nepal made us work for cheap amounts of money, as they knew we had to work to get food for our family so regarding my family lives, I never get to be at real school. I was depressed about life as there seemed like there was nothing to live For as working as slaves for food for today, Until when in 2007, an organization called IOM start helping out the refugees to migrate to different country as US, Canada, Austria and more. We desperately went to filled out the form and we did, then our process started. Finally, everything was completed in 2009, when we left our refugee camp to go to the United States to Texas. After few month, I went to high school that I had always dreamt of, first I went to language school as I worked hard, I was moved in polytechnic high school, it was difficult for me to do all good on every classes as problem in English but I always gave my best for a future goal of helping other by teaching them about importance of education and now I only have one more step that is to be at collage and give my best for the best of the United States of America. If I get the scholarship than I would use it to buy books for college and paying for college while I don’t have to work that way I can focuses in my study.  


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