a place to walk

My mother's crying

My father's gone

My brother's screaming

I am singing, 

I think I'll take a walk


My friends aren't listening

My teachers don't care

The walls are closing in

I am sitting,

I think I'll take a walk


My room is dirty

The blade is taunting

My back is hurting

I am trembling,

I think I'll take a walk


My stomach is churning

The paint is peeling

My eyes are burning

I am sprinting,

I think I'll take a walk


The people are shouting

The glass is breaking 

My figure's crouching

I am breaking, 

There's no place to walk


***written april 2014. this time seems like forever ago. i'm no longer going through this exact situation but i feel the need to share it in case someone else feels this way too.***

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