Worth Living For


I am not a lyrical genius

I cannot twist my words

to twist your heart

to make you feel the hurt i felt

last winter when you said you loved me

then you left me

I am not a lyrical genius

I cannot make you see the things you don't wanna see

i cannot make you hear the things you've already forgotten how to hear

the stillness of a beating heart

the tick tick ticking of the bombs in our chests

suicide bombers all of us

waiting for the last second just to win the wars we've waged against


but i can see yesterday

and I still believe in better days

tears unshed

and words unread

and many more 'happy birthdays'

and 'happy anniversaries'

and 'i'm glad you could make its'

i believe in tomorrow

and you don't have to believe in it with me

and you don't have to believe in anything at all

but don't you dare tell me there's nothing left worth living for

This poem is about: 
Our world


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