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Lingering Feelings Your smell still on the blanket sheets, A mark of the nights we shared. Your voice still echoing in my head, Like an unforgettable tune.
Lingering Feelings Your smell still on the blanket sheets, A mark of the nights we shared. Your voice still echoing in my head, Like an unforgettable tune.
Lingering Feelings Your smell still on the blanket sheets, A mark of the nights we shared. Your voice still echoing in my head, Like an unforgettable tune.
I wonder if you think of me  in the way I do of you.   Does your heart flutter, or do you get butterflies?   Does your heart ache,
i first saw you beside a window the sunlight through, flourescent bulbs made the space around you soft, nostalgic my childhood's summer, my own perfect dream your hair was pink, an innocent color
Do you want to? Cause I do if you do Let's jump in and not care what they think Us, we aren't new  We've been through so much  And my love is true
I’m angry with you. I’m sorry I am, I don’t want to be, but I am. You make me sad and you hurt me. My heart aches all the time. Why did you fall in love with me if you can’t love me?
I remember your face, And you have my picture.   You have my picture
she made me feel so happy… so why did I feel so trapped? I felt that I had finally found a person in this world who genuinely cared for me—and who I genuinely cared for back—and simultaneously that I was drowning where I stood.
  It’s not hard when it’s not present When we’re working together and we have to hide When you’re 1,500 miles away It’s not hard when we don’t think about it
For once I’m actually happy Despite all the shit that happens, She makes my day better   It doesn’t matter if my parents don’t “agree” with it My dad and I butt heads all the time
hey? just wanted to let you know that hey? I might be a little bit slow, but hey? you're really cool and I like you a lot, but hey? I don't know if you've even given me a thought
lesbians are not real, peeping tom. the ones that u want anyway. dreamland lesbians: straight girls in sheep’s clothing that succumb to men’s advances eventually. only existing when u
if i was her boyfriend i’d invite her to stay the night at my house if she likes, she would say “yes!”, we’d grab snacks i would nervously rest my head on her shoulder o why did I wear a dress?
She’s my favorite of the five senses Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch   Her face scrunched up Grabbing at the pillows Grabbing at my hair
The first time I hold her hand, I’m nervous I’m desperately holding onto the reality It doesn’t feel like reality It feels like a dream
Thump thump Thump thump Thump thump Gulp   I’m not excited I didn’t miss her
Years locked up, forbidden A rush of feeling unleashed Everywhere I look I am reminded Of the beauty and love I once turned away from
  Oh, my love, my Saturday baby, the weekend Brings an end to my weakness. It’s never enough to see you
Too often I find myself lost to The tune of longing, and we’ll say Loneliness in every
It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form Clumsy in my gargantuan new body Horns piercing from my back;
For whom it may concern   Bowerbirds, As the name would suggest, Grow jeweled gardens of
For whom it may concern   I have a way with words, They tell me, And I thought myself a glassmaker--
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
sometimes I wonder if you ever think about us.I know,   it wouldn’t be right to admit itout loud,like if I let the truth spill from my lipsI’d be committing a crimeworse than keeping it to myself.
Dear Maria,   New Years Eve We were apart I felt the cold ache creeping in, as it so often does, And I was scared that you were feeling the same And the tears threatened to spill  
Maria,   My darling girl, I dedicate every song to you Every sunrise and every sky full of stars All the colors of the rainbow And the gold leaf on the painitngs you so adore
the first goodbye is hardest and the second is easier once you get used to leaving walking away is numbed   but i was never the one to walk away just watched you leave so each goodbye stings
I think break-ups are so hard because You’re not only severing yourself from the person But from the symphony, and the sandwich shop You used to go to before each show
I lay with my lethargy under night skies,in cool, blue grass with dew settling to sleep around me.
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
"Once upon a time" goes the story But I can't help but find it boring Because it's filled with heteronormies And no representation for me.   I want to read one where the princess
Her body is loud She shifts her weight, her hips cheer like a concert When she tosses her hair, it chatters like the babble of a brook The roll of her shoulders like a chuckle on the breeze
I drink her love in, parched And blow it out, gentle, like smoke It flows in rings that surround her face like a frame As if to say "look!!!" with cautious desparation   I choke on the heat it brings
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