Loud Bodied

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 16:57 -- asellis

Her body is loud

She shifts her weight, her hips cheer like a concert

When she tosses her hair, it chatters like the babble of a brook

The roll of her shoulders like a chuckle on the breeze

She walks with the sound of a city in her heels

Her soul and her sole in step with a drumbeat kept in time

With the swinging of her arms

Her curves shift like the sweet singing of a bird

She waves with her fingers and the sound of a harp


She’s an angel

She has angles that rock and roll and sing

The chorus of your favorite song trapped between her teeth

Her leg bounces like the bass

She’s a song you can’t get out of your head

Her body is loud, loud, loud

And I never want her song to stop playing

I want her to play her song for me


Her body dances without choreography

Every movement she makes a heavenly improvisation

Her skin ripples like water and her dance flows freely

From her head to her feet I want to applaud her

Performance like I’ve never seen before and

I’m baffled by the music and movement

She makes without trying

She does it without trying


And I’m trying not to stare

It’s not as easy as it looks because

Her dance is hypnotizing and I can’t look away

Every move she makes sets me on fire

The music from her body is a siren song

Everything about her is loud

But I’d never tell her to turn herself down

I would take her volume controls myself

And turn her up until it's the only thing I can hear

Please show me more, I want more

I need more


She’s become the song I always keep near my heart

Not always remembered but never forgotten

Sometimes I feel the beat of her drums in my bones

Sometimes I can hear her song in the back of my mind

And then it stays and it plays

I have it on repeat

The beautiful music her body makes

The loudest thing I’ve ever heard

And I’ve never been happier to have every sound in my head

Become one song for hours on end

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