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At 12 Oclock the day was darkly dark, the seafloor lifted itself in a loud cry, suddenly, a star fell like strings of light on a man.
A stir in a crowd, a rumble of hundreds all together for a different reason. they stumble and fret, moan and groan, until that one person, decides to go up alone. ------
One step at a time  Just to keep it moving  Look at me, calm down Take a deep breath, they’re not worth it Bounce the ball a few more times
Intelligent, diligent, on top with perks People from high places wanted me in victory The letter grades, the letters of proof, accomplishments The water looked so good, too good   But my heart, mind, and soul
My fear feels like this: cold fingers wrenching my wrists behind my back, thick, black ink coating my lungs, poison gas seeping into my ears, whispering: "Everything would be better if you weren't here."
Trump made me feel great The MAGA US President Goodbye, status quo
You have taught me more than you will ever know more than you will ever be aware. This is a thank you for all you have for me from letting me get to know you and seeing that  you care.
I am a leader I embody the traits of those before me I am Sean’s unwavering voice motivating the team I am Catherine’s unbending kindness to even those that are hard to love  I am Emily’s hospitality towards all that cross her path I am CSM Gadra’
I want to scream You trick me Push and pull me Then move the finish line.   Each and every day When I realize the time I’m reminded, that the goal is near But you smile at me and I fear.
Treading on the trodden trackKnowing I knew my way back.Stumbled on a Frosty verseGot its point with stanzas terse;
To the Victorious People,   Match Strikes and lights an inferno Of love peace and joy. The dry wood below in that cold steel furnace
Dear world, He says - we speak English in America She says - don't speak in your language Ask me who I am Ask me how I've built Upon my American dream Ask me how I feel
I have discovered the perfect plan. One that will keep thoughts and others at bay. I will learn their ways, their ideas, and emotions. I will be the perfect victim. I will learn to talk and say what is expected.
Peruse online for scholarship after scholarshipScrolling through opportunity for leadersLeadershipThe system praises it but at every moment the system oppresses it.We are taught to sit down and shut up. To be quiet and respectful.Tell me, what lea
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Catchy, cuddly, and cute. Have you considered its true meaning?   Just keep walking. Just keep walking. Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.
His body was a battlefield With an unconquerable soul Made of fire that burned With the same embers that fueled The flames in his eyes. His mind were the attackers Whose wicked deceptions
To the leaders of Traction I am a witness to your love in action                                     love exceptional                                               intentional
One day you’re 5 and life is carefree and magical a smile never leaves your face one day you’re 10  and the whole world shines for you
 we are humans mistakes and lies for the troubles of the world we tend to hide we remain true
I am a big sister of one younger brother, A boy who is ornery compared to no other. Little siblings we were, doing things we should not,
Follow me in to the great bright light Where courage knows no cowardice And fear has no place among the bold   Follow me in to the rich golden light Where dreams are achieved
I am FLAWLESS When I fall, I am going to rise I am challenged with many obstacles And yet I am still just fine   I refuse to fall under a stereotype   Because I am a woman  
When my desire to succed Turns into me taking lead I admire what exheeds Out of the the mind of me No matter the need, My promises seed And continue to breed Until I recede
Silence both at peace and war. Wanted and resented, silence consumes the world and all who call it home. For years, all throughout the start of my life, just as most children, I thought silence to be, a stranger of my actions.
As lifes cards unfold And the world is yours to hold Remember, above all stay Gold.   When all around is black and the weight of the world is on your back when your life begins to form that mold
Is this what superiority means, what leadership means?
Just listen And listen to me good. Hang on to every word I’m about to say. Because I really mean it.  Don’t take it as a joke But really understand what I feel.
how does it feel being a media-baby? They're choosing  clothes, taking  money. Favorite music artists endager souls, and kill my creativity.   No independence to dress, 
You’ll beat yourself down, get cocky, or forget why you play. Your parents may discourage you, encourage you, or lean neither way.   Fans will cheer for you, yell at you, or not even know the score.
The power has gone to your head. An unforgettable leader made a mistake, and now we are stuck with the dread. All we look forward to is break-- since it's the only thing stable that can come from you.
We don't believe in change, at my school It's actually quite a pain Why wouldn't they want their students to learn Such an essential thing? A course was created and designed  to help construct student leaders and yet the course is criticized  By m
I want to be someone Worthwhile to follow Who’s strong and un-scareable But soft and not hollow. I’ll rule how I want With my people behind, But keep ‘em all happy By treating ‘em kind.
I'm trying to be a leader like a point guard on the court/ I want to have the ball to make sure my team will score/ I'm trying to be a leader like a quarterback in the pocket/ I want to make the plays so that the opposing team cant stop it/ I'm tr
I truly believe that to succeed means more than acquiring money, But being hungry to give back to society. To make it means more than the fake get up, More than the superficial snakes that call themselves friends to us.
What do you call success does it show who is the best Is it the opposite of homeless or does it mean no stress Having money will allow you to get cars and clothes Sure you get hoes, but you cant keep them hoes
I believe there are more than a lot of ways you can die. But through my eyes there is only one way to live life. You gotta live it to the fullest but not eat it all away.
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