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                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
I was there when you built your garden I helped you pick what plants to grow I held your hand when you spoke of the harvest and all the meals we would share.
the growing weed never stopsuntil we cut it down,and when we dowe’ve controlled its fatebecoming too much of an growing flowers too late? 
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
Plants and metaphor like the mimosa- so super sensitive it recoils from touch or is as one pathologically withdrawn... and the saxifrage- a testament to resilience-
It’s lonely to be the first bloom You wake from a long sleep Excited to see the new world Winter snow melting away Revealing the long-hidden green Only to find yourself all alone
My right-side brain's growing fowers, my lungs are sprouting roots. My heart's a dripping beehive, its sweetness all for you. So wrap it all up in paper, send a burnt offering to the sky.
Prickly And maybe not always the kindest But we're tough We won't Give up our place in the desert We are hard on the outside But soft on the inside Just like America
I am only overwhelmed with pure joy; It is when I take in that sweet fresh air. The smell of rain lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction to the lack of care.
Oh, powerful Sun Illuminated still Like a plant, I reach to you ’til I’ve had my fill.   So, I flower & I fruit   & make aromatic scents with my skin living in perpetual radiance.
The young fern cheats death.Though his past was in moonlight,He grows toward the sun. 
Your lips were rose petals, dipped in natural moisture and your skin was kissed by the sun, leaving me constantly warm.
Leaves of green, Lo, have you seen? They cover all the soil, For grow they must, In Earth they trust, So all the day they toil.  
Oh look at the trees the leaves fall every day the trees dont blink an eye leaves are meant to be this way   So why do we care about the words someone might say about the look of a stare
It was never easy. But now it is harder. Seems harder       no Is         harder   When I didn't know, they came Like wind I was alone I was free Free and alone
From youth, I knew not all plants grow -- Some are cut at the roots, Some sprout of row, And some never see the light of day And feel the rain on their leaves And the sun on their cheeks
Plants inhale my exhales. I inhale their exhales. The bond between mother nature and man allows for a breath of fresh air. 
I watch them move  They move left and right , back and forth as the wind glides across it wings Its strong, it can stay put as long as no one or nothing tears it down
As the light shines around me/       all I can see/ is the world broken to pieces/glass is shattered/scattered on the ground/there is no more green/rather everything is gray and brown/death hangs in the air/the fresh air is knocked out of me/what
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
When I peer closely, I can see you there Your tiny head pokes out above the ground Your fight against the world is newly found, As men will question, “How much will you bear?”
America's Garden Here in America diversity is key, Seen on this soil are seeds from overseas, Sailing on water or flying in air, The common goal of freedom brings those seeds there,
His fingertips stroked my lips softly, As he poured life onto me   I gasped at the sudden coolness and Embraced the warm sunlight Shining on my bare back   I moaned as his liquid flowed down,
Notes from plants- it’s clear now. Soon, few will know of the Earth as it once was- bewitching.  
Green life tied with enthusiasm, Purely white buds seeking its way out full of plasm. The orchidanceae utterly grows, If given its periodic dose.   Day by day its stem reaches out,
3/30/2010, age 15, school project   As a passion burns right through the soul, Wood turns to embers that glow with the last, Only to leave the broken compounds of its atoms behind.
  The plans the worries the stresses the fears. We all want to smile but some don't know how. The ability was lost some time ago without realizing what we've done to ourselves.
To my long and greying friend, gracing the corner where my end-table could not fit and my lamp left glares in my late-night television; to my houseplant. We've been together
Consume the worldIn a fleshy fruit!Savor its flavorDevour the bruteWe fight for what we eat Even though there’s not enough meatThe pesticides, the herbicides, the fallen leaves
Wedding love--rare depth Uncommon variation Sought four leaf clover
Gentle and delicate,
My dearest plant,You have a purpose. You are loved.You are adored by all who see youYou may not know it yet, but the world still needs youFor your production of clean air,
Green sprouts from the earth A new living creature's birth   In the optimistic breezy day The hours run away   Popping then dancing in the breeze That is the way of nature's ease   
We seed We grow We bud We blossom We spread We wilt As my short, Singular life progressed, I thought not of those ‘round me I thought only of getting to the top.
I wished for you, oh the greatest of things. I thought it was what you most certainly needed, and that purpose I had could not be defeated. I took it upon me, not wish for some selfish deed,
When you look out your window, what do you see? I see trees in a line, they do not look free. They yearn for the life of their wild-grown kin
Cast off Sea winds light. Laying along the gunwale, I drape my arms Skimming the heavy blue A warm body, irresistible, so cohesive Unstoppable motion Sacred air Face of calm, archaic organisms
Birthed by the Earth, God planted me here. I've grown not much throughout these long years.   Roots settled in, My stalk began to rise. As a fragile bud, though, I turned from sunrise.
  I witnessed in a root that stood in my mother’s garden Brown burning water to mud             then dust,   Polluting veins required for breath,         for leaves hanging like clipped
Falling to the earth. Blood spilling. Screams chilling. Utterly our ancestors a-screaming.
In the penetrated sky i await For the delicious prey to reappear I ready the unforgivable bait And lure the wandering target thats near. The sweet dulling scent of loveable food
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