To Blossom

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 23:29 -- ncast93


We seed

We grow

We bud

We blossom

We spread

We wilt

As my short,

Singular life progressed,

I thought not of those ‘round me

I thought only of getting to the top.

Growing tall into the sky above the Others.

My face stretched to the sun, I grew, towering as I could.

 I cherished the support of the roots of those that held me

Those who supported me ‘till I could support myself

A weed I was, but that I am, no longer. I am now,

A full, fledgling plant, standing on my own

My buds preparing to present,

Unsheathing the glorious

Color I hold.


But what color am I?

My budding potential hidden,

Inside the twists of my furled petals.

How tall and radiant and healthy and striking

I can become, are all endless, protected within my petals.

It is my chance now to show the Others who I am, my color.

But challenges have arisen. Now more than ever,

Cold winds blow, the frost has come.

Can I survive the challenge?

The arrival of nightfall?

Winter time?


I look to my filaments,

And to those holding strong,

Around me, sheltered to the cold, as I am.

They too struggle, though we all shelter close.

How ever the frost covers their fragile buds, we all subsist.

I feel in their roots, as I know in mine. We can, will endure.

It’s harsh, though we are almost arrived. Spring.

The presence of a new Sun, with its security.

If we hold our stems resilient,

We will make it through.

We can flower,


I seed

I grow

I bud

I blossom

I spread

I wilt


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