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He did drugs for many years and he finally had to pay.Because of his drug use, he died one year ago today.He overdosed last year and sadly, he could not survive.
You promised  To never leave me.  But you did.  And I will never be the same.    You were there For me When times were  The toughest  But now they're  Harder.
I take drugs to feel good, boy.You lie like a liar should, boy.I don't trust, but who would, boy,after all I've been through?
he lies awake all fucking night until the stars disappear from the black blue sky damn he’s like deathly high
Blood vessels and veins mesh beneath skin;                                                                      violently violet Head and arms draped across the bathroom floor
a question most have  but none ask: why suicide? life has so much more to offer, they say. it gets better, they promise. 
Just one more  I promise that’s it  Just one more  Then I promise I’ll quit.   Those lies you spoke  for so many years  An ocean of needles  and too many beers.  
Just one month ago, you were walking around.But now you're dead and buried in the ground.So much can change in just the blink of an eye.You went too soon, forty-eight was too young to die.
Life is shit; Life ain’t fair I don’t even fucking care Grab a drink; pop a pill Pray to god that this will kill Heart Is beating; trouble breathing I am sweating and I’m freezing
The darkness behind your eyes was deeper than the surface could see   Your pain and suffering was consuming you inside and weighing you down underneath    You sent many signs 
I won't say I'm in love. I like your hair, I won't say I'm in love. I like how you don't want to catch my eyes, I won't say I'm in love.
  breath nearly fleeting from me  seeming at peace, laid in bed  unshaken, unbroken paper-packs pile  on the mahogany dresser i wish someone would’ve stopped me  
The sun is asleep and the moon is only half awake. My mind is blurry and my heart is half paced. Crickets are chirping in slow motion as I ascend into open space.
I just wonder what he thought about when he shot up and it ended up killing him.
you told me, i’m a fighter, you told me, you’d always be here. you were your sister’s protector, and I’m my brother’s keeper, you suffered
It’s amazing how you have the ability to cut me down and bring me to my highest of highs, In a single sentence, you have this uncanny ability to remind me how small I am.  
Pain is the feeling I get when I think of you, You’re gone and you left us behind. I can’t help but think about what you would be doing,
They always say its more fish in the sea but what about the fish that starts with an m and ends with an e.. What about the one thats always in the deep end, so far from the light yet still acts as though things are alright..
The red and blue lights flash waking up to a commotion my sister on a gurney 
Break these chains
i had taken 50 tylenol, in intervals of five on april 2ndapril 2nd, because i felt that april 1st would be a day too cruel to get a call from your child's school
  I stared at your empty seat in math class for days
How are you just going to get up and leave like that? You're only seventeen, what are you gonna do with yourself now? You went from a child who tried in school to a girl smoking pot just to feel cool.
Moments conceived of sporadic gathering
lights, camera, action, green screen, Steven Spielberg special effects this set up is more complex than anything you’ll find up in Hollywood There is no time for stage fright the cameras here are always rolling
I'm lucky to be alive but I know god has plans for me, no matter how mad sad or happy I can be, I took a dive for the worst and if it wasn't for a y'all's prayer, where would I be no one knows where, I am very grateful, and since my overdose I am
  Today a boy will fall down unconscious his trembling form on the bathroom floor one hand clutching tight a bottle filled with little white exit signs
Etta James   “At last, my love has come along…
I sit here, alone. Eyes set to the ceiling; thinking, too much. not enough.  Clock ticks, sand grains fall. slowly, fast, whatever. Sleep doesn't come, eyes never move.  Open, close, who knows. 
Sarah She was born into an orphanage Her reading disability is awful Her emotionally traumatized brain can't help it Her life spent without being wanted   Justin Wishes he didn't have parents.
time can't rewind, though i really wish it could, if i could change the past, i most certainly would.   we used to be close, actually best friends, but drugs came into the picture,
Every day she walks alone, through the drabby halls. Whispers follow her wherever she goes, as though they come from the walls. She pulls the sleeves of her hoodie further and further down,
Waiting for trains Stand by the edge They come so fast You can feel the wind being pushed out of the way It's an inch from your face Closer, closer, closer For the train you wait
She wore red velvet; redder than velvet was her heart. Gone were the nights of regret, she learned to cope with it. She wore black leather; blacker than leather was her hair.
McKenzie picked her poison quite a while ago. She never paid for drugs; instead they were her pain killers. They were an opportunity to pacify her demons. When she was high, she had no past, no present, no future.
Narrow is the passage that leads to your heartAnd as I search for your loveI never come close nor am I ever good enough to have itI'm still stuck out hereAnd looking in, I can see itAll that love that once was
  A certain level of joy when in love One tragedy breaks the pure bliss So easy:  falling in love But is it truly worth it
The tears were streaming down my face, happy thoughts I could not retrace.  I stare up at my computer screen, social media can be so mean.  I type my goodbyes
You’re screaming at me but I'm not there to hear it. I'm drifting away on fluffy white clouds as my world melts around me like a Dali painting and my fingers leave patterns in a sea of stars.
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