If He Would've Had The Courage

He did drugs for many years and he finally had to pay.
Because of his drug use, he died one year ago today.
He overdosed last year and sadly, he could not survive.
If he would've had the courage to say no to drugs, he'd still be alive.
When he first started, he smoked pot and later did worse drugs like Meth.
He grew up around the wrong kind of people and that casused his eventual death.
On June 3, 2019, his family and friends had to say goodbye.
If you also do drugs, stop it or you will also eventually die.


[Dedicated to John W. Brown (1970-2019) who died one year ago today on June 3, 2019.]


Annette M Velasquez

Poignant, honest and emotional. This is real and a powerful and much-needed message. RIP John.

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