Dedication to Malcolm McCormick

The darkness behind your eyes was deeper than the surface could see


Your pain and suffering was consuming you inside and weighing you down underneath 


You sent many signs 

But it seemed as if the world was too blind to notice your silent cry for help 


Too caught up on our own or maybe we just took it as a joke

Either way we shouldn’t have let it overpass our mental


Now we are left with just memories and the charisma you have left behind 

Such a beautiful spirit that was rare in mankind 


Your name will never be put to shame

Your work will always be apart of the flame in the rap game

However, it is sad to say that a great loss caused everyone to awaken. 

Must it be taken this far for us to fall into realization of the destruction behind this mass consumption?




R.I.P to Malcolm 

September 7, 2018

Your charisma and character will always be remembered. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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