Etta James.

Etta James


“At last, my love has come along…

My lonely days are over…

Life is like a song…”


I want to die in your arms.

So, your face would be the last remembrance of what being in love for the very first time will do to you.

You became my brown sugar.

Something so sweet it’s fatal, but I forced hallow needles into hidden veins and felt something like forever in your touch. You made love to me like worlds would have ended before sun rise, before eyes raising, before I realized you became my fix, I don’t need to come down.

You lifted me onto gold doors and kissed me into myself on nights too naïve, No restoration can keep me from you.

How big is your heart when you don’t get all of the pieces back?

 How high can you take me before I realize there is no coming back?

My brown sugar, so sweet it’s fatal.

This life is like a song, I overdosed on your choruses and nodded into a love too Etta James.





I wrote this piece in comparison to Etta James's drug abuse but instead of an actal drug, it is someone you've fell deeply for that you can't live without who has become your "fix" over time. It is not only dangerous, but scary when you realize how much you've changed as a person when in love with someone else. 

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