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The feelings return, like the sunrise They’re back already? They cling to my chest and my head They drain me They hurt me They haunt me
I'm tired of thinking,  In test dates, And terms papers. When all I really want, Is to use my imagination. The stars call my name, But I'm busy getting A's 
There's barbed wire wrapped, Around my soul. Like puppet strings, That others pull. I march to the beat, Of my family's drum. And fear for my sanity, Which I know is gone. 
Sends shivers down your spine Gives you the chills Freezes you to the bone Raises your hairs   Yet it’s oh so kind It comforts us
dsdThe feeling of butterflies A dead body being surrounded by funeral flies A well made bed A bullet in your head Candles all around The king being crowned The usurper and the dethroned Death take us all The spirits look at logic, appalled In the
Thrown out of my own home Out into the cold So young, yet so old   Wisdom doesn’t make you stronger Holding back tears doesn’t make things better All I wanted is to live peacefully together  
The blaring heat    --no relief.   A rented bedroom I don't even pay for The smell of the store and freshly purchased paperback novels A sense of loneliness   with some flirtatious emails
The music box plays no more Without knowing there's more in store For she escapes through the color of sound No longer wishing to be around A violin plays so faint The colors fall
It's been so long since I've scratched down a poem,   that I barely know how to let thought run out onto paper. All these emotions bottled up and I've seemingly   forgotten how to take the cap off.
I see the light slowly filtering from above Soft arrows of luminance piercing the water As waves rock me gently  
I was born with puppet strings in my skin. With hooks in my joints and a painted-on smile. I was born to please and placate, To be Mommy's Little Angel (To look pristine). I was born to vomit bubblegum pink
It’s funny how much I’ve changed.  I’m 14 years old, sitting in my room, now surrounded by white. White sheets pinned to the walls, white carpet, white dresser. They were blue once, but that has been drained away.
Your absence hurts me Why can’t you be by my side? Mentally killing me   Why are people cruel? Insecurities haunt me Please just let me be
My house is covered in gasoline and I'm holding a burning match just waiting to be dropped. I let it fall and watch my house as it blows up in front of me. See I had the key.
No matter how alive My mind is Emotionally, I am numb I am nothing I stare blankly as my whole world Just falls apart And I fall apart with it Please, someone Hold me together  
Sadness S-A-D-N-E-S-S Such a mundane word For an all-consuming emotion One that tears up your heart Your soul Your mind And, at times, your forearms To be fair,
I was happy. We were happy. I don't think you know, but I heard the gun. Now, I live alone in numbness.   The feeling consumes me; that's all there is. No peace. Just noise.
When the sunkissed skin is disturbed, like the soil of a fresh grave, it's noticed. If you look close, or lazily drag your fingers over the forbidden places, you'll know. Once it's pulled apart, it's hard to splice.
She stands there Staring at the mirror Multiple thoughts race through her head The voices tell at her They put her down She starts to cry She looks in the mirror She can't recognize this person
“The youth of America is putting itself into a coma state.” We are all looking for numbness; finding our relief in painkillers. We are constantly looking for things to help us become paralyzed. We wish to become machines.
Crystal rose, You reflect light so beautifully, But how does it feel to have petals of stone and not of felt? To hold no fragrance, To not sway melodically in the winds’ breeze, To only be a sturdy copy?
Oh you sentient being I envy you My palms outstretched Toward your skin that feels Perhaps my heart was born without flesh To cover its heavy beats Like a drum without a skin pulled taught
But that reminder would sober me,   Sobriety Dull, empty I see the life of me leave my body. The muscles on the mouth of my face fall as if had lost an epic battle.  
Today I don’t exist. I’ll be the sound of the falling tree that no one hears I’ll be alone all day and won’t take a thing away from the world Because today I don’t exist.
I like the cold. It makes me numb Can't feel a thing If I'm frozen No pain Or anger Or heartbreak I like it better when it's cold When I'm frozen Solid.
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