Wed, 07/31/2013 - 11:12 -- emmuh


But that reminder would sober me,



Dull, empty

I see the life of me

leave my body.

The muscles on the mouth of

my face fall as if had lost

an epic battle.



Numbness takes over my body

and spirit.

Numbness prevales.

Sobriety and numbness.

I find hope in the occasional

flash of sadness, for it is

feeling. Sad feelings,

but feelings, which really is

dejection within itself.


The power of the numbness

cripples me.

An agonizing attack,

but I express no pain;

numb and

sober post-realization,

I am.



Maybe not sobriety,

but paralicity.

My motor functions are slow;

I cannot express myself.

I am trapped inside my body.


Paralizing depression.

Sober and unmoving, am I.

Is it depression

if there is no feel?


Not a word there is

to express

the lack of emotion.


-How sad-

How true.


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