Thrown out of my own home

Out into the cold

So young, yet so old


Wisdom doesn’t make you stronger

Holding back tears doesn’t make things better

All I wanted is to live peacefully together


When you hit me I didn’t fight back

When you threw me I felt like a rag

Then you cursed me and the life that I have


I fought death more than one time

I screamed and cried more than I’d like

You made me hate myself for being alive


Now I’m broken, shattered and torn

My emotions keep surging more and more

If I take this pain any longer my body itself will be sore


To block the pain of broken love 

I must block all emotion

All at once


Now I’m numb to what you say

Now I can’t feel my fathers hate

Now I can finally get away


When I think of my sister I will no longer cry

When I think of it all I will no longer want to die

When I look up I will now only see the sky


Wait, now I can’t feel the door

I can’t feel the wind on my pores

I can’t feel anything anymore


I watch life go by like a movie screen

I touch and touch and I feel nothing

Now I don’t even know reality


Now I’m numb...

This poem is about: 
My family
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Jan Wienen

Thank you ... praying 

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