Feeling or The Lack Thereof

Oh you sentient being
I envy you
My palms outstretched
Toward your skin that feels
Perhaps my heart was born without flesh
To cover its heavy beats
Like a drum without a skin pulled taught
I cannot feel
I cannot keep tune

My days become a blur
What is such emotion
That I see expressed
By the contortion of your face
Into such pleasant arrangements?
My lips cannot twitch
Into such upward high arches
Nor low bows that scrap the bottom of my chin
I cannot seem to fathom
All that I can feel is like
A million pin pricks
In my mind

My brain feels like
A thought emerges
And exits
All else is quiet
All I can hear is the
Soft brum brum
Of my heavy heart

Oh you sentient being
That you may never know my mind
That you may never know my heart
I ask that you only feel
That you laugh
That you cry
I ask that you experience deep loathing
I ask that you see red
I ask that your heart explode at the seams
Of that enviable flesh
That I was born without
I ask only one more thing
That you experience joy
That mysterious word
That mysterious pleasure
That I live without


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