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Sayonara my friend, At first, I tried to live without you, Asking thousands of questions to myself, How much more do I have to wait?
I can't count the times,   I hurt you yesterday's night,   I was irritated and furious,  
I love him so much! He makes me so happy!   His hair is black and is so soft. His eyes are a golden brown.    He loves to give me kisses and hugs whenever I see him.   
He was happy with his life, How? I'm not quite sure, 'Til one day he lost somene, He as happy no more.   She hd just born a little child, Oh! What a joy, They were small and bright geen eyed,
do you know how exhausting it was to rebuild what he had broke? the walls that he so violently tore down? the fire within me that he slowly extinguished? the shelter that left me stripped raw and helpless?
"Stretched across me was a spark of lightening, One touch that tore me to pieces. What was it, I did, for him to derail my mind across these broken eyelids. I gave it my all,
He walked in and he left He left and he came His heart and his soul Was put to shame   I watched and I waited I waited for his gesture I couldn’t compare him To any other sinner  
God answer us when we are in distress   may You protect us send us help and support   to make our plans a success make us shout in joy   make us victorious
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
saintly at a Saint's college, theY wEre to be at, Being at the same halls anD. the beAutifuL audItorium, meSsaging even when professors near but now,   Part bY part. thEy fell apart,
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
He can never be predicted He even brings the mighty king's down from their Thrones   He is never impressed by their Titles the king's get or for the Status these earthly king’s hold.  
A stone so blueA Sapphire or soA doubt a soFor she, lovedThe colour of lavenderYet as oneWas she, also to be
People come Like, comment, share And go   But forever His mind And heart Is for Her   His life Wants to Go away With Her And run Away too
He read it at 9:30 PM. It's currently 9:42 PM and he hasn't even began to type. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. It replays in my head over and over.
     Her heart beats quickly, and it beats red wine. His breathing slows, and he inhales her scent. She drinks him in with her midnight eyes. He hears her sigh from his gentle kiss.
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
He is the ocean, the calming blue sea, teaming with vibrant life, and miles and miles of open space  
I thought he was intangible He's fragile He is frozen in time He's scared He is now going slow motion in reverse His words are misguided They tear everything apart He battles his secrets
He is laced with lies I was forced to sew underneath his skin. I am an open book ready for her to rip the pages he so carefully inked.  She is a blade sharpened by the years of trust issues and lack of love.   
He lifts me up even when I  deserve to have fallen I constantly seek this faith and he guides me to my calling He is an awesome God with plans for my better He is my shelter in stormy weather
She is small, but puts the mighty in God Almighty. Her eyes are worldly and her lips are wise, Speaking words of wisdom upon just meeting, Her ears can hear the voiceless' cries.
His past scares me                                                    but i like it He could get me into trouble                                                    i'll get myself into trol anyway so whats new?
He has all these opportunities but does he see the things he needs? Does he know the love he shares is worth a lot more than he can compare?
He's worried that she might not smile everyday He's worried he'll miss her too much when he goes away He's worried that she won't laugh at his dumb joke He's so worried so much....dam he might choke
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
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