Poems about Immigration

Prepubescent face, With eyes judging the world.  It becomes clear to him a life in which hate
My immigration apprenticeship man up   Painting apprentice oh wow
Madre, why can't you go visit Mexico? Madre, why did my uncle get taken away for going 5 miles over the limit?
In the midst of a sunny afternoon  Playing with dolls, and my favorite cousin  Windows of a pink room wide open
Immigration, a controversial topic
I am from the vast landscapes Of the Horn of Africa I am from the bitter-sweet coconuts
From a family with nothing Skipping meals to strive Corrupted government
The pilot says We're landing in thirty minutes thirty minutes to prepare for a new land a new language 
Incierto by: Sebastian Batista  
I am from Marie Smith and Kroix Smith From single mother poverty and no high school education.