Poems about Immigration

I used to run and hide When thunder came Once I was stopped
When I was thirteen I took a plane over the sea Under the clouds
"marry someone who can give you what you want" They say jokingly, but it stays on my mind.
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you?
they come from far away leaving behind everything they know
Let’s pretend there was a time where life was always easy where love never became a war, and hope would never leave me.
Huntington Beach, California, isn’t the most exciting place on ear
2018 too many things to think about and its only may  political division
We don't need planes trains cars or wheels for Mars.   All we need is feet a bathing suit
You talk too much, and you blame the parrot. You learn to hiss and you learn the origin of the snake.