Poems about Immigration

  Stereotype that hurts me   This is the evil partfrom me and my heart
There’s this static noise In every phone call Getting harder to ignore
I started off so timid and shy.
There is a song that I was forced to hear The voices were often lined with not love, but neither hate
All throughout the years, both my mother and father have helped me grow. When I had fallen
Change. My life is change. It is, Language,
Prepubescent face, With eyes judging the world.  It becomes clear to him a life in which hate
My immigration apprenticeship man up   Painting apprentice oh wow
Madre, why can't you go visit Mexico? Madre, why did my uncle get taken away for going 5 miles over the limit?
In the midst of a sunny afternoon  Playing with dolls, and my favorite cousin  Windows of a pink room wide open