Tue, 06/04/2019 - 01:16 -- aolvera

Immigration, a controversial topic

It is ridiculous how people feel entitled to owning a country when their ancestors were clearly immigrants

We must not forget that the people that are the true Americans are the Native

Americans, who were unjustly pushed to the west, removed from their land, their population almost extinguished

The immigrants are always the enemy and I do not understand this perception.

Are Americans who are against immigration intimidated by immigrants?

Are they afraid they will “take their jobs” do they really believe that every immigrant is a “rapist” a “criminal”

If they do it is an absurd thought, then they believe their own ancestors are those previous adjectives, because them too were immigrants.

Immigrants come from everywhere from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South, Central, and North America.

The world is made by immigrants.

It is believed that humanity derives from a region in Africa and we obviously moved, immigrated, there is no reason for people who are not satisfied somewhere to stay there.

People immigrate in search of a better future, not only for themselves but for their children.

Why stay in place where poverty, corruption, violence, and injustices predominates?

Why stay in a place where you have no voice to make a change in your country?

Where your opinions do not matter and even though you try to unite and fight for a change the authority of your country simply does not listen?

Why would you allow your future children to endure such an environment?

The answer is you should not. America provides the rights and voice their country lacks.

It is opportunity for their children, a chance to change the harsh conditions they come from.

A new life.



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