Disrespecting ‘Her’, the Indian way…


28° 38' 4.308" N, 77° 9' 15.3648" E

The country rolls on to its Republic Day,

Its youth feels the pinch, the pain,

Screams, cries, shouts and the anger,

Everything has been forgotten,

Guess, everything went in vain…

The one with a calling,

Had to go,

The grief and the trauma,

Can never be shared,

It bites only the sufferer,

Only the ones related know…

The task remains unachieved,

We’re miles away from walking our pledge, our oath,

What isn’t enough are two days of rebellion,

Two days of emotional uproar,

We’re dealing with insensitive bricks,

Burnt over ages of gender bias,

Paved in a man’s world,

Dried in the heat of arrogance towards the opposite sex,

Now, unable to distinguish respect from disrespect,

We need to voice out together,

The sounds we made are not enough, we need more…

Who are we protecting? I do not know,

Shall we feed monsters for twenty years in our jails?

If we do not possess the right to snatch a life,

They also do not possess the right to rape,

Treading on the same lines of our crippled law,

That is all the honor for our women that we preserve,

That is all we still think they deserve,

Soon, the kid with fangs shall walk free,

We’ll let the baby tyrannosaurus have another chance,

We’ll grow vampires, let them feast,

For fine opium, we shall water those poppy seeds,

Nourish them in our soil,

And, I’m sure the disease shall spread,

I’m sure there’ll be more to cry for,

There’ll be more for us to see…




I have to say that this piece really touched me and my mind. Thank you.

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