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These translucent screens secret us.  Keep us from experiencing the feeling beyond.  Teased with the sight but stripped of the truth of touched, our holy unfarity. 
I look around and all I see Is empty promises False smiles White lies It seems as if everything we once knew  Everything we once held to be true Is replaced with empty space
Welcome to the lonely hearts club Takes place on a Friday night From swiping right Consists of sexual photo close ups  
We all have a story Adventures to tell Memories of old conversations held Except  Those who are quiet have a different tale to tell Usually right there with them is their security blanket A crutch
I live in a weird world A world were people say one thing and mean another A world where people live behind screens A world were saying hi to a random stranger is weird
My brain is dehydrated, and so is yours. Stuck in a fast paced world, growing weary forevermore. We no longer think, but just act, agreeing to terms and conditions, not reading the contract.
"Are you still watching '...'?" Yes Netflix, sadly I am still sitting in front of my television, What else would I be doing?   "My List" has more than fifteen titles racked up, Little does the website know,
Clouds float in the air on a blue day, busy guides to unknown locations, directed with the changes of the wind.   On a rare day, when your life and home become mundane, You might follow
Technology, what is it? Some people would argue its our friend. I mean it talks to us, it helps us in difficult situations. I mean how many times have you used a calculator or even google for homework?
We live in a world where the only socialization is social media, Our followers are more important than our friends And everyone has to follow the newest trend.
I crave it everyday I do not "want" I need The feel, the touch, the way it makes me feel It brings me calmness and a sense of security I am lost without it; it defines me as a person
They say slavery was abolished years ago. That every man,  is now his own.  But look around at what surrounds you. No I don’t mean on your phone.  Stop tapping at your screens, Halt the scrolling through your feeds. This isn’t about race this time
It’s funny There comes a day when you can’t get enough likes Like how so many people could care less about your day and pretty face And in that day it hits you clear and blank
I wake up to the brightness of your smile. You smile at me in all caps. Your name is the first thing I think of when I wake up. It is also the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. Your love,
People are calling for help, searching for what makes success. That’s how bad this economy has become, they’ve stopped managing our government to demand management of our pockets.  
  The Voice of the Sea I
Every day life goes by But we never look up at the sky Heads in our phones Where does all the time go? We walk the street But the people we meet Are in our hands
I'm sitting in the diner across the table from my father This is our one chance to catch up, the same way it has been for months I play with my eggs, telling him all that goes on in a world he is cut off from
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