Microsoft World

People are calling for help,

searching for what makes success.

That’s how bad this economy has become,

they’ve stopped managing our government

to demand management of our pockets.


People are desperate.

In that desperation they are crying for help.

But instead of help,

they are force fed a corporate-owned lifestyle

that drains their wallets and feeds their fears.


It’s in this time that we need our dignity the most

that it seems it is more easily lost.

We wonder more and more if we’ll ever get

 to pursue our lives the way we always envisioned,

or if we’ll just forever be another corporate-owned device.


It’s hard on us all,

But worse on those who need the most.

It just keeps getting increasingly more grim for them

as Big Business promises saved time

and a surplus of money for the “less fortunate”

But it’s all a lie, one fabricated virtual reality.


People are leaving the jobs they love

for ones more “financially pleasing”.

But they’re losing themselves in the process,

becoming another mindless component in this elaborate program

Microsoft; Windows World.


This world is a book, your life is a page.

It’s up to you to decide what to write.

Some choose to stand for who they are

while others opt to conform to who others see.

In a world where the book is blank which will you choose to be?


Will you tell a story, and discover your own fate

or will you become just another software update?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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