A Weird World

I live in a weird world

A world were people say one thing and mean another

A world where people live behind screens

A world were saying hi to a random stranger is weird

A world where you cannot be nice to someone without it automatically being considered flirting

A world that through history has been divided in the dumbest ways

And will keep being divided in more and more ways to come

I live in world of technology

Both good and bad technology

Yes technology has done a lot of good, it has saved a large amount of lives


I don't think have seen what it has done to us

It use to be that in math class you where given a book that all the math formulas and answers to the problems you needed when it came to the crazy world of triangle with cos sin and tan

But now you an just hit a few buttons and boom you can get the answer on your phone, a calculator; you can get them just anywhere

That's good and everything

But back then they were a lot better at math than the rest of us nowadays

Many of them could list of the perfect square roots all the way to 15

And a good amount of them still can today.

We have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple, LinkedIn and more

All of things help us get in touch with people

But have we noticed how it has sucked are lives away

Oh, how it has changed us

Before children would go outside and play tag, soccer, basketball and more

Now you are more likely to find them sitting around outside all on their phones and tablets

It's scary to think of it sometimes

How often do you see someone in the store with their child

And they have to give their kids a electronic to keep them busy

Have you notice that when a child won't clam down people will give them there phones

Instead of just talking to them

Playing with them

They hand a child a phone and leave it at that

It's sad how often this happens

Parents are noticing less and less about their kids

Nowadays they can just go online to find out about their kids

The world knows their child better than they do

How often do you see someone actually truly happy and not have anyone look at them weird

Since when did it become weird to be happy?

Since when did it become the normal to have a flat face;

To show little to no emotion on an everyday bases

When, when did this happen?

When did they world become so void of life;

Of really life

Just because you are living does not mean you are alive

When was the last time you did something new?

When was the last time you helped a random stranger?

When was the last time you said something nice to someone you have never talked to before?

When did this world become a black hole of emotions, where all emotions enter and never come back out until its to much

Until they explode from holding it in

It's to much

It's to hard to hold in all these emotions like everyone else does

So I'm not going to do that anymore

I'm going to be me and I don't care about the weird looks that will come my way from doing it

I'm going to be happy in this world of flat faces

I'm going to be nice no matter what people think

I'm going to make a difference even if it's small



I'm tired of looking at this world of flat faces

I'm tired of sitting alone scared to speak out and be nice in fear of being judged

Let the judge come

Let them see what I plan to do

If being kind

If being polite

If being nice is a crime

Then lock me away because that's it

I'm done of having to act a certain way because its expected of me

I'm going to change my stereotype even if it's one person at a time

I'm going to let my DNA show

I have Hispanic roots and sometimes it makes it harder to do certain things

Sometimes my mind switches from language to language

Sometimes I feel like helping someone because that's is custom where I'm from

So if you don't like the way I act

If you don't like the fact that I enjoy being nice

That I enjoy making people laugh and smile

That I would rather play with children and actually talk to them rather than sit there as they watch a screen

Then I am sorry

Sorry that what I'm doing is so wrong in your mind

Sorry that this world has become such a place that what I'm doing is considered so strange

That because of me wanting to be kind

That me wanting to make a difference in someone day to make it a little brighter is so weird

But I'm tired of being in this world of shadow

In this world of flat faces

So I plan on changing those flat faces

No matter what it takes

Because it only takes one thing to really make a difference

So why not help make that difference?

And if you can

If your comfortable with it

Please help make a difference to

Every little thing has a cause and effect

So lets be the cause of a greater effect.


Thank you


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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