An Ode to my Laptop

We all have a story

Adventures to tell

Memories of old conversations held


Those who are quiet have a different tale to tell

Usually right there with them is their security blanket

A crutch

Something to hide them from any interaction with people

My social crutch


It's my laptop

I've taken it everywhere

The first time I got high

I brought it

Our drive was 5 minutes but I brought that dear old thing with me 

Bright blue in the smoke

The first time I drank

It was there on the table

No reason for it to be there

I once brought it somewhere and it was needed by another person

I let it go within arms reach

I watched that man

He was nice

Drove me to my dorm

He ground the weed on my laptop

It's ok I smelled it later

I have used it as a table when I go on car trips

Set my food right on top so it doesn't fall

Those are the good stories

Now I've dropped it


The first time I fell asleep with it on my lap

I rolled and it fell

The screen was cracked but I could still see

There was character in my friend now

The second time I dropped it

That screen was gone

Don't worry I fixed it

After crying

Though the time it was gone I was lonely

Away from home at college

I didn't sleep

Once it was fixed I took care of it even more


Every time I come home my sister wants to play

I don't like it but I let her

Within arms reach

I hid it under the couch at home

I stopped because it was getting scratched

I needed stickers

I got some

Now it has permanent memories and some beauty marks

If you've caught my drift

It's been here for me

More than most people have



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