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Technology, what is it? Some people would argue its our friend. I mean it talks to us, it helps us in difficult situations. I mean how many times have you used a calculator or even google for homework?
Technology is the first thing that says happy birthday to me before everyone else. It let's me know who's birthday it is every waking moment.
It talks to me. Comforts me with my favorite song when I'm stressed. It let's me vent to my friends when I'm depressed. Technology is like.. my best friend. But honestly though... it's not.

See, I love all my friend's to death. But technology I'm starting to hate. It used to be great. Now it controls my friends, controls my family, and I admit it controls me too.
When I was a kid, it was the life. I played outside, and yeah, sure I still played game cube, but I still had an imagination as big as spongebob and had adventures big as ciallou.
Seems like kids today play inside all day and don't even know the sky is blue.

Sure I'm exaggerating a little bit but let's tell the truth. Our world is trapped in technology, look around you, do you really need proof? We have tvs, video games, virtual reality, 360 cameras and more!

I'll tell you a story.
When I was 13 I had my first phone. And get this.. it flipped up, and yep they had buttons too. I had to press the 5 one time, the 3 four times and the 7 eight times just to spell my name.
Now kids can tap this fragile piece of glass while they send sms to their bffs and can lol while they watch all the movies they're streaming from netflix.
See kids also stay inside throwing brids at pigs with their thumbs or cutting fruit with just one swipe of the screen. When they do go out, they play pokemon go using a pathetic excuse to be active.

Let's be real though. Technology is a bully. Here's another story. I remember this girl. She went to my school and she and didn't have many friends. She posted a selfie and people would comment on her looks and disrespect her. She believed it so she took that silver blade and it got splashed burgundy from giving birth to scars that remain forever.
Not only the scars on her wrist but the scars in her mind. It all hurts. Without technology that would have never happened. I'm not saying we don't need technology, but it is starting to affect us. It's starting to affect all of us. Relationships are even at sake

Technology is the real mr. Steal your girl, when I'm out with a girl. The only person she talks to more than me is her phone. Her iPhone gets more face time than me.

I spent my whole life and try to be confident enough to talk to people and now when I get the opportunity everyone just talks to the same stupid person who wants to talk to me.
My Ipad. My tv, my phone, my watch? I'm tired of it. What happen to humans, what happened to their relationships? I fear the future because I don't want my daughters first words to be is cell phone. I want it to be daddy, I want it to be mommy. I don't want my daughter to live in a world where she's considered bait.

See we struggle more than we think we do. All i know is im out. Call me old fashioned or whatever you want to call it but I'm not gonna sit here and have technology swallow my soul to consume me. But the irony is that it's already happened, it's already ate me up and picked the rest of me out of its teeth. I'm in the belly of the beast and I can't climb out. It's all ironic because, I even wrote this on technology.

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