It’s funny

There comes a day when you can’t get enough likes

Like how so many people could care less about your day and pretty face

And in that day it hits you clear and blank

So that you taste your pride and egotistical 

Fanatical Fancy with your fans in your factory

conjuring ways to puff up your following masses

It’s as if you offered classes on how to love you more

or like you

Double click, looking slick so that the girls will see

You must be the hunk of man they dreamt to be with

and with that you add a filter and edit out the zits 

What a hit man 

Did ya see my insta and the tweet of my car and the blog i’m writing

Did you see me? Can’t you see me through the lens of social theatrical practical photoshops for the everyday me

EM EE like,follow,friend, socially on this anti-social factory

But like I said, one day will come

and you can’t get enough

“You’re cute” comments and hundreds of likes

and shares and every possible affirmation of your true insecurities cause guess what,

you were never meant to be on the throne of your foolish cardia

that’s what they call it in greek and I see ya 

Demonstrating your bible study so see here

“Beware of your practice

Beware of your schemes 

Beware of sharing all your dreams

Cause as it is God will see, your a puppet living hypocritically

You can’t even be like a Pharisee in real life enough so the web is your web connecting you to that cardia of darkness I mentioned

SO listen child, there comes a day when you can’t get enough likes and when that comes just think, “God is good and He’s right”

I like that.

This poem is about: 
Our world



It is extremely astonishing poem which remained reading and my heart not let me leave from this place. I even work like this verse that when anything people give response me in the right way. I desire to read more sonnet of this website when come back here next time. Thanks for writing.

Zachary Harris

Thank you!

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