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Live life at your own pace because if you let other people dictate how to live, then you truly are not living a full life.
Winter Slope. A frozen nose. Purple toes. Slik roads.  Wornout coats,   Frosted windows. Steeped on snow. A filled up car with no where to go.   A stop at a stoplight,
By him alone I was forced to fly.Alone he scolds each time I fall,and I wonder how a head so bigcan hold a brain so small.
  What makes me Flawless? What makes me Perfect? Is it my solace;
The girl across the wing,Behind a curtain so fair,Knows her true and flawless self,And has a secret to share.With a partition separating herself,From the critics beyond the stage,
Flawless is a girl Flawless is a helpful girl who can’t seem to help herself
Don’t forget the way I smile Don’t regret the way I feel Because to every smile There was a reason To every frown There was a lesson To every spark There was a joy To every beautiful moment
My 6'1" figure has enough curve for me, my booty has gotten very toned and muscular since I started physical therapy for my ACL, my boobs are a good si
My breath is not my own, borrowed from the mouths of my loved
I am who I am and not who anyone wants me to be. God has thought me up to a young woman and not just a lady. The way I look from my head to my feet, or as I snap my fingers to a beat, but sometimes I am off key. How Flawless am I?
i am noti am mei am crooked-facedi have ancei am filled with pride you compliment meyou are kindbut i am mei am flawedbut i am me
Best. Worst. First. Last.    
It's not the way I walk nor is it the way I talk
I remember, six in the morning My alarm clock was a warning, A warning of what was to come, A bunch of kids poking fun, At my shoes, my face, my hair bun, In middle school I was shunned,
                                                                What is flawless?It means there is no
I woke up like this  but still it took some work 
I woke up like this  but still it took some work 
i wear a smile on my face, flowers in my hair and my heart on my sleeve   i give myself to tomorrow to the ancient gods and to my daily commute   i once asked my manager
I would never claim to be without flaws. Perfecion is but an idealistic concept, it does not exist. So to say one is without flaws is ignorant. For one to claim themsef as flawless is a flaw in and of itself.
Lips are stained Her pearls lay Beauty is transformed into something much more Age and beauty You thought did not mix But believe me it combines into someone almost breathless
I'm Flawless I embrace my weaknesses to make them stronger I embrace my strengths 
As I was the rain, he was the rainbow Sweet as cherry pie. And as beautiful as the night sky.
Being Flawless is Being Free Standing on your own when feeling weak Stepping out with a smile on your face And moving with ease, chill and grace It's being so good, you've gotta be bad
what makes me flawless  are in fact my flaws.   i accept who i am, flaws and all because if i can't accept my flaws,   i can't accept myself.   flaws are beautiful 
I feel flawless when I'm looked at by a guy, I feel beautiful, pretty, non insecure.   I feel impowered. Flawless
Hop out of bed 5:30 early morning, Look in the mirror and without any warning, without the makeup, nothing on, I see my perspective morphing. I see my eyes without the eyeliner,
inside of me there are bubbles i am no trouble i am myself im a little elf i have a huge heart i will not restart but for better would it be too late? never.
  are you really flawless pretty girl? with the taste of shame and pretend down you throat was it the jewerly he promised you ? love? or that pretty coat? think you need a man to see the gold within yourself.
"Who said you're good enough to do THAT?" Me, myself, and i. Bitch....please- ain't no one ask for your opinion.  The only opinion of myself that matters is mine. Me, myself, and i.
Turn the M in ME upside down for a while, do the same thing to your frown( a smile). That new word becomes WE, walk in each others shoes just for a while.
Perfect, flawless, ethereal. These words, when assigned to one human being, banish the rest to a mediocre Tartarus,
What is it that makes me FLAWLESS? Is it the color of my skin? Is it the way  that I talk? Is it the way that I walk? What is it that makes me FLAWLESS? Is it how others see me? Is it how I see me? WHAT IS IT? Flawless is when you believe it...
I strut through the crowd with a cocky grin plastured on my face. I have two alluring models under my arms. All eyes are on us, on me. The whispers make my smile enlarge immensely.
something as little as a comment can stick in your mind they say it was just a joke, it'll be just fine but what they don't know is that wasn't kind neither the times  that it has been maybe about nine it can make
I am the only me that will ever exist. I will always know that. A combination of two different people, A compilation of my upbringing, education, and experiences,
This is a story of a guy and a girl That has what it takes to take over the world She’s his best friend and nobody would deny
We focus on the wrong things, Things that make you feel like
1. Love yourself. Tell yourself that you are a star and nothing and no one can take that from you. Tell yourself that you are incredible and every step you took to get where you are now was necessary.
No, my flawlessness doesn't just represent my beaut
To be flawless There is no thing But a bunch of comments That degrade one's self esteem   To be flawless Should be personal deception In the eye of the beholder
The sun beats downCars go past and with them, timeIt's growing late and business is as it has beenOne or two customers, looking for fresh fruitCooking an important mealCooking for themselves
I was born to have the most rosy cheeks. Who am I kidding The most tomato look alike cheeks They are big and round And bright red when faced with a big audience. But you see I was born that way
Just look at the word, flaw-lessness. Yes, that's the word flaw in it. Being flawless is not flawless. Because no one is truly flawless. But what makes me flawless, is that I have flaws.
What does it mean to be a human being? Magazines and the media scream, "YOU CAN BE FLAWLESS TOO! (like our airbrushed models who have their own makeup guru) AND DON'T FORGET TO TAKE OUR QUIZ
I am flawed but that makes me flawless.I am brash and impatient, but I am kind and caring.I am flawed but that makes me flawless.I am not a forgive and forget kind of person.
In the rolling hills of Scotland As my momma told it to me A brave bough rest far atop My twining family tree
My brown skin flawless My face flawless My crooked smile flawless My style flawless Natural hair Petite 5'4 Maybe I woke up like this, maybe I didn't I'm FLAWLESS
The warrior was born a leader She was raised to fight for what is good and pure She brought herself  up throught the times of despair She kept herself standing when others wanted her to fail The defeatless
I don't want to be a muse any more.I have too much paint in my soul for your tributes,too much blood in my veinsfor the task of inspiring their pulse.This is my world to capture, in violent reds
I live with two crooked smiles My lips carve dimples into blushing cheeks
I see her sitting still. Alone. Her scuffed shoes weighing heavy on her heart. No one speaks and she is trapped, Solitude her sole companion. They dance by, laughing, talking,
Flaws to m
I've never ffelt it, But I know it's there, Sturdier than steal, Yet intangible like air.   It will bend and twist, But never shatter or break, Put through trials and stress,
I am a woman, not by the curve of my back or the slim in my waist,  or the perkiness of my breast or the features of my face. I am a woman of intelligence, a woman who shows concern to achieve greatness,
What do others see When they look at me? Is it my love for photography? No.  Is it my caring personality?  No.  Is it that I am an honest person? No. 
I am not just a man or woman, I am not just a boy or girl. I love with all I am within, I am but a pearl.   I am a person in this life, I am just like you. I have dealt with many a strife,
There is no such thing as "Flawless" Because we are all tarnished with blemish
Ambush from left to right. There was never a time where I lost a fight. This struggle will surely cripple me. But I will remain standing and free from flee. I may have nothing but I must disgress.
My incapacity to despise my flawsis what makes me flawless.
I feel flawless when I can be me No one but me. I feel flawless when I can walk out the house with no makeup on
I woke up like .. What? monday morning hair in naps  feeling like all kinds of crap New zit moved in everyone starring at me like theyre reading all about it I woke up so fat today
Satisfaction held no statue, peace in content ,  as my lips dispised gratitude. Walk of terror swaying with the curve in my curls in depth with my lens defying the width of my eyes which potruded attitude.
"i wouldnt change nothing about me". Maybe just my hair, and the clothes I wear This the reall me, I am an original copy The flawless look is my true personality I am dope af, I am like No other
They were wrong about the caramel color of my skin, About the way I could erase my stutter with the stroke of my pen. They were wrong about the dingy clothes I wore,
From the first breath of a newborn girl to her first steps first laugh first smile first heartbreak Her self image waivers wobbles rises falls The mirror shows
Thanksgiving feast Family gathered around the table Smiles, laughter, love, joy But what I saw... Calories. Fat. Guilt. Humiliation.
Thanksgiving feast Family gathered around the table Smiles, laughter, love, joy But what I saw... Calories. Fat. Guilt. Humiliation.   Birthday party Children running and playing
Flaws; They consist of the scars on my body, The craters in my soul, The rudimentary words that fall out of my mouth like; "Shit"
Trying to stand my ground but you're pulling me down thought I could trust you and you let me fall  feeling like I am lost, I couldn't help but care    for the wrong person,
In the back of my friend's truck I sit, With one hand on the black, Noiseless amplifier. The windows are up. Outside, the weather Is cold and biting,
Everyone wants that perfect someone The key word is want and perfect There are no perfect people Just perfect problems A world where our needs are confused with wants I try my hardest to be the best I can be
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