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Let the ashes rise and disperse Till there's nothing left of the earth Let the greed die from those among us who lie
Opened myself up to you and showed you the scars of my past, 
Lost and not sure where to turn, 
They look at me and they think they know what’s on my mind, 
'Thud', pushing the door open, I storm into my house. Running, trembling. As fast as I could, I'm shivering, babbling.
Standing before you all with pride, Getting all the limelight. Flashes, and cheers, Crowd applauding, I hear. 'Miss Beautiful Smile', they've crowned me as. Posing to the media, I get flashbacks.
Just like a small leaf on the tree no one seems to notice me. Life is over for me no more sunny skies for me to see I fell off and was blow away not as beautiful as I was yesterday.
My lashes cast off a bitter spell;my nails have bled – dripping with everycolorless sob,when I brushed them through the sunlit clouds . . .Where I was born under the rose bushes soil -- 
Crisp was a winter midnight’s air. Disturb the silence, no one dared. The pain of frost taking our toes. Our names and faces no one knows. We see our gasps in the chill this night.
Schwivel, Schwivel...Click! I hold the gun in my lap Staring down the empty tunnel Slipping into a beautiful little trap Should I, shouldn't I... Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
Can you feel it? Can you feel that Change? I can feel it blowing our way. Can you see it? Can you see this new day?  I can hear it calling our name.   Change is coming down. Change is coming now.
Once you grab a book it starts from the beggining.. into a new chapter.. new beggining.. and then theres the middle.... and the horrid end... once you read the beggining its all happyness and love..
I’m tearing my heart out on both sides Where hurt, depression, and love hides Making sure it’s null on the insides And filling the feelings with whispered lies.   I’m squeezing my brain until it bleeds
Steps echo against a darkness Whispers of souls lost too Raising my head towards destiny Feeling the sensation of gratification The flames overtake this body For now I am free Now I can be
  Let the blood rain down from the heavens All these swirls of deprivation
Not alive 'till now.  This is my coming-of-age.  Taking my first step.
  You were our hero Hovering over our Innocence.   But you swapped your Respect for oxytocin rushing Through your veins for a taste of love and a taste of innocence.  
Before I beginI must say this story is filled with an abundant amount of sinIntertwined with remarkable appearanceI repaint this canvas to enhance itsAdherenceFor my thoughtsSadly for heThe creator
I have a friend, the term friend used lightly, here she comes, here come depression once again, taking over what doesn’t belong to it, once again mad at the world, once again forcing a smile, once again whipping away tears, once again hurting and
I once was a saint pure and true procting the things closest to me and you but then came a monster filled hate we stared from afar, seperated rusty gates Then before I saw a child
Something I always wanted  Always dreamed  Now they rest beneath the dirt
Never knew you well enough Made laughs, made cries, made all that stuff She loved you, we loved you, they loved you dearly Just to see you one last time clearly White walls, blue desks, brown tables, tiled floors
Funny how we forget where we come from Funny how we never really can't Funny how death brings sadness Funny how life brings pain A leaf is not really green The sky is not really blue
Have you ever fell on your bed crying? Have you ever sat down alone begging for someone to understand? Have you ever felt like it'd be better dying? Don't be scared I am here to take your hand.
It was a cold war, not many survived. It took many of lives, One of them a friend of mine. He was a brave soldier, But even a braver man. He took his vowels,
The children play with the toy soldiers, Battling for candy and toys. They throw around the toy soldiers, Adding their own background noise.
I'm being hunted, stuck alone in this house still haunted! Where did the nights go? Down the bottle, down the drain a worthless life I could never feign.
I feel it taking over my dreams, the sheer existence of possession is to rid me of divinity. I feel my bones break as I'm given up like a lamb to the stake.
Can't you tell by the scars I wear? I'm slowly losing my mind tear by tear it's too much to bear! It's the perfect season to end it all right? It's the perfect time to end my life tonight?
This is my personal armageddon. My Body grows numb from the constant wreck I've become. Sick and tired of feeling alone. Trapped in a lifeless body with no one to hold. I surrendered to the cold.
The dawn of man is coming to end. The Son of Man is here this is no myth and not a child playing pretend. Mankind is evil from the day that we're born but there is hope as time passes and our skin is withered and worn.
They say the human mind is a piece of work, easily controlled by the devil like a fish driven in by a hook. But God am I the bait or simply just a righteous crook? I have no way of knowing if I'll find death so I continue to look.
I'm not one to hold grudges I don't care about the hype. I've come so far and you know I'm not the vengeful type but I still can't believe I let myself stoop so low because you let me cling on to a false hope.
For too long this grudge has taken hold. A clear contagion and there's a man overboard. I see hate, I see pain, and disdain. Society sees you as a worn out bloodstain.
How did it feel to wrap your hands around him and strip his innocence like meat off the bone? How does it feel to know that for fifteen years you left his mind in constant fear? You surround yourself with broken dreams and the tears of children.
I've been alone, I've forgotten the taste of company. Trapped in these flames for what feels like centuries. They say you bring everlasting life. Then why do I always feel dead inside?
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