The Fight

Opened myself up to you and showed you the scars of my past, 

I couldn’t see it wasn’t going to last. 

Until it hit me, oh wait that was you, 

I should’ve known it couldn’t be true. 

Hoped for a happy ending, 

But the pain you started sending. 

As I took each blow, 

I knew it was time to go. 

Time to fight to breathe, 

It began getting harder to see. 

Every word you said as I started to fight more, 

It cut deep and the cut tore. 

I began to understand, 

I won’t be able to trust again. 

I woke up stronger than before, 

A little broken in my core. 

A scar remains as a reminder to keep up the fight, 

Gets harder when there is no end to the pain in sight. 

The days are long and the nights are quiet, 

My thoughts are loud when all is silent. 



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