A beauty, vandalised.



Standing before you all with pride,
Getting all the limelight.
Flashes, and cheers,
Crowd applauding, I hear.
'Miss Beautiful Smile', they've crowned me as.
Posing to the media, I get flashbacks.
How much I had hated this face!
How much it had caused me pain!
I would wash it a trillion times
How much I had wished, to go blind
Than to wake up every morning with this face on;
To walk around as if I had moved on.
But I had not. I still have NOT!
One refusal had gifted me this pain
And my family, a lifetime of social embarrassment.
I remember, I wanted to kil myself
And never to be seen again.
'How much could a guy ruin a girl's life!', I would always say in disbelief.
My carefree soul had, now, gotten the answer, there was nothing left of me to be ruined.
Vengeance had then, brought me back to the life.
I did what was right.
Remembering those times, a tear rolled down my eye.
I still posed for the picture with a smile.
Because, I'm proud.
Proud, as I have not done anything to be ashamed of.
Proud, that I survived when some kids would point at me and laugh And some had been scared of.
Scared of this vandalised and monstrous face.
Vandalised, as someone had deliberately gifted me this fate.
But now, I'm happy.
Happy, that I was selected for this peagent.
Happy, that I'm a proud ACID ATTACK SURVIVOR.

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