Let the blood rain down from the heavens

All these swirls of deprivation

Of sweet, farewell sorrow


Screams that bring ease to thee

Consume the darkness into one figure

A heart inhuman to mortal

A bath covered in rotten flesh

Cackling into the feasting, dark night

Of the Red Moon



Let the calls of demons shriek in pleasure

Satanic rituals come to course

Let the flesh be cut with cold nails

Bite down their tongue

Rip all morality

Another spawned by malignant tongues

Let the echoes of the wicked be heard



Guide that inspired this poem: 



Probably the dark, morbid theme. Not a lot of writers attempt to write in this style since some would consider it inappropiate or too "dark" for a forum like this. Everyone has their own writing style, so I'm just trying to bring something different to the table. 

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