Let the Ashes Rise!

Let the ashes rise and disperse
Till there's nothing left of the earth
Let the greed die from those among us who lie
Let the ashes that remain above the already occupied Graves disperse into the dirt where they lye to never be seen again on this already tainted Earth
Can you save those that are already too far gone?
Can you light a flame inside them where their sense of hope had gone?
They're already too many souls that have lost their light that was burning so bright
Can you keep the flame lit on this dark night?
Let the light rise and disperse
Till there's no more greed left on this Earth



This is meaningful. Innocent lost in maturity. The more mature the more we are anxious. I like your powerful similes and the language of the poem suits the message. Well done Soul.


Thank you very much 🙏


Thank you very much 🙏

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