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Graduation day is coming here, And so now is your high school career. Always remember the friends you hold dear, And look toward your future with no fear.
No more hurrying away from the deans, Frantically pulling down a grey pleated skirt. No more half-hearted games of basketball In that unwashed gym shirt.
I look myself in the mirror and I see a "tall lonely depressed girl." Well, not really. My friends see that. They don't see all of the struggles that I go through.
Comfort comes, in many small packages, With a gratuitous bound, or through perilous passages.  They surround you with laughs and joys hereafter, Despite the prestigious end, coming ever so faster.
My teacher:“Go and write a poem tonighta leaf that speaks of intellectualism not fright.”
Despair! Despair! Senior Year! It is the end of my  high school career. College 'round the corner. Applications Statements Money money!! Charish it. Senior year.  
Senior year is finally here, a year full of shout and cheer It's hard to believe our time is near,
  Freshman year was a big doorway, As I walked the long dark hallway.  Spent most of my time memorizing my locker combination Because I was not use to my location. I was rushing to make a best friend,
Mild mornings, warm days and cool nights. Swimming, amusement parks and sweet summer fruits.
I was uptight I was angry I was selfish I was alone I was stuck up   I am fun
The heat, the sun, the humidity Flute, 6ft poles and bass drums banging my summer days My summer ended early but that's okay I'd rather learn rythms and tosses than sit at home 
Have you ever stared at a clock, just to watch time tick by, It seems as if you have lost a lot, but really it slowly dies.   Each highschool memory, seems to fade away, taking a piece of you,
The Time is here, Our final year; hurray we cheer to our senior year. Friday night lights, and football games, homecoming dance It's out senior year!
Senior year ya-hoo; It's almost over for me, This road was log, but Now the clock is tick ticking, I can all but see College looming in the midst; Oh dear Lord, help me!
I'm about to graduate from high school and this year went by extremely fast Junior year I had a plan about where I was going to college and summer plans How I wanted to be more social and join the track team
My dream is to be a animator  Not just any digital design animator  No, That is to wide of a goal I am for smaller more difficult Disney animator  That is what I want to be 
Everybody says, “Life isn’t fair.” Governor Quinn & other politians, shout, “We should all go to school, go to college!”
Knock knock.  Who's there? It's me you see, without a care.  I've worked so hard And now I see That maybe that's not working for me.  I don't need A's 
I wish I could tell my teacher that walking into class a second late isn't missing class instruction. That doing continuous book work for spanish III honors isn't going to help me understand the subjuntives or the present tense of verbs.
As they fall from the trees, I see them change colors.
It's sad my senior year is coming to an end, A fresh new start is about to begin. As I look back at all the memories I had, It makes me very happy but also very sad.  
We're all the same  You and me  We do our job  That guides our life We're all no different Because we're human And so I laugh  When you think you have won   We're all the same
  He walks across the room waving his ruler in the air doesn't he know that half the class doesn't even care? He acts like he's so ahead of us oh dear teacher, you're about as useful as pizza crust.  
There is nothing we can do now. For we are in front of the silent crowd. The wind whistled and howled, as we stood still and proud. Until our name was called we stood nice and tall. Everyone would cheer, though it was hard to hear.
You need help You beg and plead Your eyes are wide Your wrists bleed   Who can help you? You're lost and hopeless Your parents won't listen You feel almost boneless  
Molding the clay. Designing the report. Inserting the injection.   Many things can not be studied.
Four years, many tears. Ups and downs, hills and mounds Of hurt, of happiness, and plenty of excitement I'm living, I'm learning, I'm leading I'm here, I'm finishing my fourth year.
High School, a dreaded place for learningStarting so very early in the morningA place whre relationships are madeAnd a place where they sometimes fade
All that I’ve known for four years Will I remember this when I walk across the stage? My eyes full of tears.. of joy You see, you teachers pretend to care
Family. What is implied in that one word? It would seem the world stakes a lot in it. That it is the all-encompasing. The all-solving. The Holy Grail.
Is it truly possible To feel old, torn, and worn out At the age of 17? Feeling as if life is an ocean And you’re swimming, trying desperately. Trying to keep your head above the water
If we are late Why give us the death stare? It's like we've murdered a whole population. Seriously? How about those assignments? Why so much? When ypou know I work to provide for my family.
All year long I don't even know when I 'm strong Why do I have to wait You're the right fate Shadows you can see through Sunlight clouds Darkness falls Fall leaves Spring flowers
I don’t know how to feel about the day to come Mixed feelings of nostalgia and anticipation overwhelm me I go back to that musty school yard field The field I thrived on and learned who I was on
Tick-tock goes the clock as the time passes by Everybody dressed in blue smiles and cries The day of graduation was finally here It was time to celebrate the end of senior year
Everything is happening In an unattainable rapid speed I can’t keep up My brain is burning I slam together my eyelids Hoping to slow Everything down Or just make it stop
There's too much pressure To not fail today. School, work, and graduation In May. Going off to college Opening the door Start of a new life Different from before.
2013 My graduation year the end has never seemed so near leaving friends and my home in the past but i promise i wont forget the tough times staying up late to finish homeowrk
i remember a silly bear a handsome fox and Marion fair oodelolly oodle oh, golly, what a day
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
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