My Sanctuary

I don’t know how to feel about the day to come
Mixed feelings of nostalgia and anticipation overwhelm me
I go back to that musty school yard field
The field I thrived on and learned who I was on
Every foot decorated with gorgeous arrangements of accomplishment
The place of worship in my own way, this place is my church
I learned a lot about life and what being a man is about on that field
It’s the only love I have ever known that hasn’t hurt me
It’s the most reliable friend I’ve ever know and ever will
As I step onto it, the memories hit me like a gust of wind
The sweat I sweated and the blood I bled…….all in the name of teamwork
I remember those ten other guys across from me in the huddle
We had traveled to the depts. Of hell together and survived…as one
All those two-a-days in the one hundred degree heat, the struggles
The heat of the moment, the cheering, winning….the losing
We did it all together…then at once I think “I’m going to miss them the most”
The adrenaline…the heat….and the lights
God am I going to miss those lights…and that end zone baby
Above all else though…
I’m going to miss the guys


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