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i remember a silly bear
a handsome fox and Marion fair
oodelolly oodle oh,
golly, what a day

i remember a girl who read,
her loving father and beastly friend
yearning to beat the petal's fall
in a tale as old as time

i remember a boy who could fly,
his shadow, and fairy that tinkered behind;
that Walt really had a way of enchanting
those little times for me

in those simple little times
when the TV sang and stories rhymed,
a kiss was just a dose of chocolate
a Crush was a blast of citrus

yet in those simple little times,
i sat on that yellow-striped bed of mine
and dreamed of all the final 'ups'
change up, grow up, end up

i'm now at the threshold
child and responsibility
i'm waiting, i'm reared,
i'm ready to go
i can't wait

yet sometimes my mind plays memories
from that enchanted little reverie
that was my first taste of love and good
with Belle and Peter and Robin Hood

and all though the pinnacle moments are near,
full of love and real and crushed veneer;
truth is, i'll tell you honestly:

I can't wait to get going,
but i'm not quite ready to leave.


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