marching band

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The cheers, the applause, the cries  And I ask them to indulge in this moment  For it will fade  Like a distant memory   
To the one who inspires me the most, The one who consistently boasts, You mean more than the world to me. You taught me how to dance and be free;
Dear Marching Band,
The beginning of the year things started to change soon it would be senior year, the ending of my marching days. Four years of marching through Mother Nature's wrath and hearing the lie of "one more time".
Standing at attention Our eyes filled with pride Air filled with suspension Drum majors salute side by side.  The first step, all as one
Rolling steps, feet in timeThis art, this love of mine"Find your dot," run it back Endurance, something I can not lackTooting tunes, forward slidesMaking sure our lines align Marching band is what I love"Woodwinds cut holes in your gloves!"Put on
My marching band and I reached an unscalable wall. We tried to climb over, but it's impossibly tall. It's a million feet wide, and a billion yards up.
Band Timeless, lovely Curing, freeing, inspiring The center of my universe Family  
Step on the field Adrenaline rushes The announcer begins The crowd quickly hushes The music begins Perhaps a simple note Left foot first Listen back to percussion Stay in line
It is a mental game until you learn how to Let your mind rely on your bodies capabilities Instead of letting your body rely on your minds perception
On that jacket It doesn’t say your name You wear the same thing as everyone else Because you are one unit Your uniform
The silent chant among the field Counting the measures until you move Slowly you raise your instrument Your feet move at the tempo
This is what I'm a part of Marching band Very different from band All of the sections From drum line to color guard
  We love Being a part of something Greater than we can ever be alone We love The rush we feel after playing
band is my life hear me out band is my life there is no doubt   i march i play i cry i love it   band is pain but band is amazing band teaches you to struggle
the crowd cheerng in the stands football players counting our uniforms are moist tension grows between both schools we will win we play our school song motivating our side we will win
Sunkissed skin and tennie shoe tanlines. Skin slick with sweat the byproduct of marching drill and the autumn sun.
Step in time Keep up my pace Must hit my spot Must march in place   Left foot comes up Right goes down Horn angle is straight Parallel to the ground   Must face the front
  Time spinning down Lost in the middle round The tears puddle for a pound And they taste like salted sand   The loss feels like we’ve won When the speeches are all done
Hah! Silence falls.Fall feels empty in my aching bones. Hah!My wrists laughAs they hold nothing but memories never realized. Hah!A smile spreadsAt the objective silliness of tradition.
I always knew at last this time would come When lost is that from which my love derives. No longer shall I hear the horn and drum Which waving hand to quickest tempo drives. 
Our Devotion to the ever changing world of technology, science, medicine, and math is an incredible thing to witness. People everywhere are going to become doctors, scientists, architects, etc. ...But Where is the Arts?
Marching band is fierce and competitive You get a sense of pride and victory when you win a competition But also feel a sense of depression and of letting your band down When you lose one
I'm tired of using the same cord for twelve measures. I can't wait for the bridge that will carry me to a new part of the music, but I'm scared of running into dreadful quarter notes along the way.
Stick to head The rhythm of aggression Left to right Consciousness in suspension Things go wrong Take it all out on the pad Flam tap tap You drive all the neighbors mad
So today is the day. It's finally time to say goodbye. To all the hours, The ages I've spent here. This is the place where my friends became my family. After all the initiations, And the hours in the sun.
The beat of the metronome Performances at the Dome Moving across the field Having trophies yield Memorizing the sets Winning the bets Placing first in class Hustling across the grass
We feel the golden rays of sun beating down on our faces, As we look towards our leader while our own heart races. Our feet hit the ground at the sound of the beat, Arms, legs, and backs ache from the feel of the heat.
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