Where are the Arts?


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Our Devotion to the ever changing world of technology, science, medicine, and math is an incredible thing to witness.

People everywhere are going to become doctors, scientists, architects, etc.

...But Where is the Arts?

Anyone care to tell me where they are?

I shall explain

The Arts keep getting cut by the school systems because they are seen as a waste of budget.

In fact, however, the arts are some of the most important classes in school.

Art is an expression of oneself and it allows an individual to express themselves freely with no limitations.

Band, theater, art classes...they are all getting cut out of people's lives.

But in reality, there needs to be more of it in everyones' lives.

Marching Band taught me to learn to be open minded to everyones' opinions, take a step up and lead, be respectful, and to work in a large unit of people.

I also learned that one person can topple an entire show. One person can also improve it.

Art class taught me about numerous more art styles and that I do not have to paint like Picaso, Michaelangelo, or Bob Ross to be great. You just have to find your own style and work with it.

So, just remember that you do not have to be pressured into a Science, math, or technology job because thats what is paying the most. Do whatever you want to do and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Be free and be yourself.



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