Loss in Graduation



Time spinning down

Lost in the middle round

The tears puddle for a pound

And they taste like salted sand


The loss feels like we’ve won

When the speeches are all done

Our future wants to run

But the tomorrows are all here


When I whispered it was long

We spoke the same old song

In childhood we were wrong

I never should have sung


I might know what I know

But its hard to let it show

I step down, so he can go

What have I truly done?


Each day was meant to learn

But the sunshine I did yearn

We sat away every term

Until graduation day


I dream this tiny dream

I pull at all the seams

The paperwork in reams

For the day when all is said


The family will move away

In the city could I stay?

Is there a better way

To be what I want to see?


When I looked at pouring rain

I think of once being plain

My eyes like leaking drains

Dripping salty sand


We change a little more

This year a chance to score

To be a better bore

And depart this learning land


When I accept the day

My past will fade away

I’ll work, study and pay

To find fresh new life


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