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So today is the day.
It's finally time to say goodbye.
To all the hours,
The ages I've spent here.
This is the place where my friends became my family.
After all the initiations,
And the hours in the sun.
After all the exhaustion,
And jubilant relief.
The music.
The effort.
The sweat.
The tears.
The ice creams that came after.
I have to say goodbye now.

I've been told to grow up
So many countless times.
I'm waiting for someone to tell me an easy way to leave everyone and everything you've ever loved.
Grown ups aren't as smart as they act.
They just want to feel like they aren't powerless.

I think understand that desire.

I have to say goodbye to the satisfaction,
The payout, late at night in the fall.
They would come on the P.A. and we would explode into ecstatic screams and exultant embraces.
Because we worked hard.
And we earned it.

I'm going to miss the heat,
And the sweat,
And the vomit,
And the aches,
And the one-more-time's.
I'm going to miss the family,
That I labored alongside.
The family who loved it as much as me,
We loved the achievement.
The passion, that burned even after the sun had set.
Even after we were called close together.
After we came to attention.
After they dismissed us.
After all of our spirit,
Our pride,
Our tradition.
And then they told us to go home.

But I don't wanna.
I don't want to leave.
I don't want to leave my family.
I don't want to leave my work.
I don't want to leave my home.
I don't want to leave my childhood.

If it's immature,
To want to stay,
To want to keep doing what I love.
If it's immature to want to work hard, and be rewarded for it.
If it's immature to love people.

Then fuck growing up,
Fuck your lessons,
Fuck your responsibility.

I want my family,
And my home,
And my exhaustion,
And my early mornings,
And my late nights,
And my sweat.
I want songs,
And long bus rides,
And football games,
And midnight meals at IHOP,
And I want to keep this!

I don't want to grow up.
I don't want to grow up.
I want ice cream pancakes,
And I want to cry.

I don't want to say goodbye yet.
I'm not ready to say goodbye.
I'm still just a kid.
I'm not ready to say goodbye.


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